Tuesday, May 30, 2017

700 Club's Pat Robertson declares that God put Donald Trump into the White House

Pat Robertson believes there's a spiritual battle raging against Donald Trump--the man he believes God has put into the White House, who is supported by American Evangelical Christians.


Sunday, March 12, 2017

My Vision of the Golden Chain

The Celestial Golden Chain

                                                            My Vision of the Golden Chain

When I was 18 and a university freshman, one afternoon while I walking, I was pulled out of my body into space. What I perceived to be a wise, protective, male energy immediately called my name, and told me he was going to take me on a very important journey that I must not forget. Although I had never encountered anything like this, I had no fear. In fact, I was somewhat exhilarated and curious about what I was going to learn from this presence or being.

My vision began, accompanied by a presence on my left side, that had apparently pulled me out of my body, and was taking me into a sea of vast blackness, as we flew through what I guessed was space, until I could see our planet Earth appearing and then getting larger as we moved closer to it. We started flying counter-clockwise around our planet. It was a majestic sight to behold. I could see the continents, the blue oceans and all the details of our planet.

Non-verbally, my teacher began to tell me a story about enormous ancient iron chain links both of Earth and celestial origin, that were disassembled and scattered and laying deeply buried all over the planet. As we flew eastward, we would pause over certain areas. I was told that these areas would have special importance because there more more links buried in these areas, although my impression was that they were all over the planet. We flew around the Earth, as well as I can remember, 3 or 4 times. (My guess is that the circling of the Earth refers to the passage of very long period of time, from when the links were first buried “underground” until whatever it was that was so important for me to be told by this being to remember, would occur).

Midway through our flight around the Planet Earth, the instructive presence told me that these ancient links would start to “wake up” and become strongly magnetic. The magnetic force of attraction would be so powerful that no matter where they were, they would begin to move, and pull toward each other, and the force would pull them out of the Earth into the air and light where they would begin to link together. That was all that I was told and shown at that point in my vision.

But then, at once, I was taken further away from the Earth, out into space. The Earth appeared smaller, but still vivid and full of color. From that view, I was shown a beautiful, luminous Earth with an enormous glistening, golden chain encircling its perimeter. An invisible force then took both sides of the chain and wrapped the chain around the Earth’s girth and pulled strongly from both sides of the equator until it was squeezed inward like a belt tightening around a human’s waist. And there was a lot of squeeze! It wasn’t just a tightening. Then, as suddenly as I had been taken out into space to see the Golden Chain, we flew back while the presence said, “Madison, remember this. Don’t forget.” I found myself still walking. I had no idea how long I had been walking while my “I” had been out in space.

Although the teacher gave me no interpretation of anything I saw other than what I have written, my own intuitive sense told me that the squeezing of the Earth had something to do with a time in our future when heavenly beings would reassemble and awaken, and acting as agents of the Light -- sons and daughters of God, or whatever you wish to call the Universal Intelligence behind the Light -- would help with the rising of humanity, to finally end the plagues of endless corruption and injustice, and establish true justice, equity, and security - not through force, but through Love and the pouring out of knowledge.

Copyright © 2017 Madison Reed


Focus on the Light. Follow the Light. Embody the Light.

We, the Human race live in a universe of limitless abundance, breathtaking beauty and mind-elevating, mysterious order, and yet for thousands of years we have been caught in a mire of continual struggle between two extremes: that for our bare survival, always feeling like we’re being pulled toward the zero point of our own extinction, or of the necessity to earn enough money to pay tuition for a university degree, to earn a trade, or start a business quickly enough, to enjoy what life has to offer while our heart is still beating. Most of humanity’s struggles now and in the past can be attributed to our level of maturity, evolution and knowledge. Our ancestors fought for their survival as they knew best.

The time is very near when all people throughout our planet, including our kin who inhabit the forests, the prairies, the mountains and the oceans, will be able to live in a state of tranquility and security.  Soon, we are going to heal our Earth, and heal humanity of its pain and sorrow. Soon, greed, hatred, violence and war are going to pass away forever.

There have been buried and scattered throughout our planet for millennia, “iron” links to an ancient Chain whose origin is celestial. These ancient links represent latent human soul qualities that will appear at the time when the dark and painful period of civilization as we know is nearing its end. But the end is only the beginning of a new great cycle where human civilization will find itself finally lifted out of the shadows of its difficult and painful past, into the age of Illumination. Souls will arise. Incredible human beings, spread throughout our planet, guided by the Light from the moment they were born, whose very existence, purpose and happiness will be to help humanity fulfill its highest potential, will “magnetically” attract each other, and begin to link to form a Golden Chain that will encircle the Earth with true justice and equity, pour out knowledge and help initiate the healing of our species and planet. They are servants of Light. They are the bringers of the Age of Illumination, that will never, ever again be followed by darkness and sorrow. War and poverty are going to pass from human history.

“The Age of War swiftly nears its end, as did Bronze, Iron, Medieval, and Modern. Soon the age of Illuminatiam will begin.” ~Illuminatiam: The First Testament of the Illuminati 
The dark shadow of injustice and cruelty from our past, will be replaced by true Justice and Equity for all beings. The mutilation of our biosphere, wholesale trashing of our environment causing the annihilation of entire species and threatening humans, will be replaced by a new beginning of planetary restoration and healing. The relentless threatening of billions of human beings and other lifeforms by military conflicts and poisonous weapons of mass destruction will stop. The various military worldwide will be transformed into global peace keeper forces, first response forces in case of natural disasters, and civilization infrastructure builders. And finally, new science and technologies that are currently unknown will revolutionize life on our planet, and give birth to an enlightened global economy.

Be very optimistic, and don’t give up your hope, my dear brothers and sisters. Do everything you can possibly do now to expand goodness and preserve and build upon the order and structures of civilization that serve us well, even though our world is still partially broken and we suffer from so much violence, material and spiritual scarcity. Abandon all forms of prejudices and limited thinking and see with the eye of oneness. Always align yourselves with the sacred Light. Ask the Light to operate through you, expand your vision, and transmute your mind and heart into pure gold. It will happen, if you strongly desire it. If all you can do is survive and with heart and soul, follow the Light, you will be led in the right direction, and to the right company.

  Madison Reed

*Although this information refers back to a vision I experienced while a freshman in college, it arises from inspiration deeply rooted in my own psyche, from my life's relationship to the Infinite. It is the very reason why I am extremely optimistic about humanity's future.

Quantum Living Network -- A Completely Different Way to Live Freely, in Abundance!
Quantum Living Network -- A Completely Different Way to Live Freely, in Abundance!

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Sunday, March 5, 2017

From Indonesia, Saudi King Salman calls on world's Muslims to embrace a modern interpretion of Islam to be a "blessing for the Universe"

"What is needed to maintain the stability of global civilization is the moderation of Islam... [Indonesia and Saudi Arabia] have come to an understanding that we would prioritize the promotion of Islam as rahmatan lil alamin [blessing for the universe]." 

                    ~Lukman Hakim Saifudin, Indonesian Minister of Religious Affairs

by Haeril Halim, Nurul Fitri Ramadhani and Margareth S. Aritonang

For decades Wahhabism, the strict strain of Islam that promotes a literal interpretation of the Quran, has been Saudi Arabia’s predominant faith, and since the 1970s the oil-rich kingdom has been generous in sending funds to other Muslim countries to promote this conservative version of Islam.

Now that Wahhabism has been linked with radicalism and even terrorism, the Saudi government has stepped up its campaign to counter that perception and the state visit of King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud to Indonesia, where religious conservatism has gained ground alongside frequent terrorist attacks, was part of the public relations campaign. After dealing with business on the first day of his visit, King Salman on Thursday kicked off his charm offensive in a speech during a 30-minute special session at the House of Representatives, calling for a united front to deal with what he termed “a clash of civilizations” and terrorism.

“The challenges that the Muslim community and the world in general faces, like terrorism and the clash of civilizations and the lack of respect for a country’s sovereignty, require us to unite in dealing with these challenges,” the monarch said in his two-minute speech, which was interrupted by rounds of applause from members of the House and guests, including former president Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono and former vice president Try Sutrisno.

Later in his meetings with leaders of the country’s major Islamic organizations, the octogenarian king promoted a tolerant version of Islam as the key in the fight against terrorism and radicalism.

Religious Affairs Minister Lukman Hakim Saifudin, who had organized the meeting, said Indonesia and Saudi Arabia agreed to promote a moderate version of Islam.

“The two countries have come to an understanding that we would prioritize the promotion of Islam as rahmatan lil alamin [blessing for the universe]. What is needed to maintain the stability of global civilization is the moderation of Islam,” said Lukman, who joined the 30-minute session at the State Palace on Wednesday. President Joko “Jokowi” Widodo attended.

During the session, three Muslim scholars were given the chance to speak directly to the monarch, including Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI) chairman Maruf Amin, who issued an edict last year calling for the prosecution of Jakarta Governor Basuki “Ahok” Tjahja Purnama for allegedly insulting the Quran.

Earlier on Wednesday, King Salman and President Jokowi witnessed the signing of 11 agreements, including one addressing the issue of transnational crimes and global extremism, radicalism and terrorism.

To further bolster its counterterrorism campaign, the Saudi government offered free haj trips for family members of personnel of the National Police’s counterterrorism squad Densus 88 who were killed while on duty.

To further burnish his credentials as a promoter of moderate Islam, King Salman is expected to hold an interfaith forum on Friday, shortly before departing for Brunei Darussalam.

Despite the visiting monarch’s pledge to join efforts to counter radicalism, the Saudi government continues to promote its conservative brand of Islam.

Saudi Arabia is likely to step up its campaign to spread its version of Islam as it plans to open new campuses of the Saudi-funded Islamic and Arabic College of Indonesia (LIPIA) in Makassar, Surabaya and Medan.

Currently, LIPIA only has a campus in Jakarta.

Students studying at LIPIA will pay no tuition fees, as they receive Saudi-funded scholarships. Students will also receive a monthly stipend while studying at the institute.

The college is known for graduating students ingrained with the conservative strain of Islam, including convicted terrorist Aman Abdurrahman, who has been known for his efforts to spread Islamic State (IS) movement propaganda.

Alongside the Indonesian Society for the Propagation of Islam (DDII), LIPIA has been the primary beneficiary of Saudi funding in the country.

Human rights groups have expressed concerns that conservative clerics in the country are promoting an agenda that conforms with the ideals of Wahabbism, including the call for the persecution of minority Muslim groups like Shiites and Ahmadiyah members.

In Malaysia, where the visiting Saudi monarch agreed to invest US$7 billion in an oil refinery, the daughter of former prime minister Mahathir Mohamad, Marina Mohamad, lashed out against what she called Arab colonialism.

Source: Jakarta Post


Friday, February 24, 2017

Seeing with the Eye of Oneness and Embracing the Spirit of Allowance

All crises and disagreements among peoples, political parties, religions and national governments are temporary. There are numerous reasons for this. For one, because we have 7 billion different brains on the planet, it's only natural that we each perceive our universe in billions of different ways. We have different histories, different needs, and unavoidable differences in our paths of evolution. What is most important though, is that we raise our hearts and vision above all these temporary differences, and see that we are one incredibly amazing species, all connected. And we are blessed to be living on one beautiful, living planet. But it is only ONE planet.

We all have the ability to see with the eye of oneness, and fully embrace the spirit of allowance. Our brothers and sisters can be different than we are, without any need for us to feel fear, rage and hatred. Seeing with the eye of oneness and living in the spirit of allowance, connects us to the great universal Love, and fills us with optimism. If we are detached from insisting that our religion, our holy book, our nation, our race, our political party, or our way is the best and only solution for our nation or the human race, we can find exhilaration in all forms of free speech; in protests for change; in criticism, because we know that the non-violent clash of differing opinions is giving us the opportunity to shed away what has become useless, and moving us closer to a better future.

Honestly, do you really believe that any opinion, idea, belief or even scientific discovery, will be valid ten thousand years from now? How about a half a million years from now? If you believe in a god, do you really believe that a creator of universes and dimensional realities would endorse any Earth-based religion, or align itself with any political party or the ideology behind any ethnic struggle, when there are possibly trillions of populated worlds with their similar sets of struggles? Humans at their best, only dimly understand the reality of even a grain of sand on a beach.

Be detached from everything except your quest for the infinite. Follow the Light.

If we only allow the Light to guide our hearts, stop fearing, and release our insistence that the way forward must always rigidly conform to our current beliefs, we will succeed beyond our greatest and most wonderful dreams.

~Madison Reed

Artwork from Mandala Visualization Portal.  Artist unknown.


Friday, February 17, 2017

The "Church" of Light has No Favored Religion, Nation or Race of People

     by Madison Reed

Why is it that so many good people still remain silent about or make excuses, that serve to keep propping up the enormous phenomenon of failed, enormous religious cults that are all around us - those that "sound" holy because they are able to use the names of humanity's great spiritual teachers such as Muhammad or Jesus as their calling cards?

 There is an old expression, "If it looks like a duck, swims like a duck, and quacks like a duck, then it probably is a duck."  If any religion claims to represent an infinite, loving Creator, and fails to manifest that spirit in word and deed, why serve it?

It is the same Light that has inspired and guided humanity's greatest prophets and religious systems down through the ages; our scientists, philanthropists, artists, mystics, political leaders and economists.   The Light is universal.  It is all around us, through us, and in us. The "church" of Light has no favored religion, nation or race of people, needs no special building, doesn't require us to wear any special type of clothing, doesn't care who we love (only that we do love) and has no force that can divide it.  It has no salvation plans that include a few and cast out others.  It serves, loves and protects all of humanity.

The glow from the approaching Age of Illuminatiam is already lighting up our skies.
  The Day that shall not be followed by night again, is extremely close to us.  Soon the human race will be relieved of much of its confusion, hardship and sorrow, and universal peace, security and prosperity for all people will become firmly established.

Be very optimistic about the future.  Our life purpose is to increase kindness, prosperity and happiness, and to contribute in some way to the collective effort to build a grander and more beautiful global civilization.  We will accomplish this and much more.  Join us.

*DISCLAIMER:  This article is the expressed opinion of its author only, and is not intended in any way to represent the views of The Illuminati or any other organization.


Thursday, January 26, 2017

The Time for the Emergence of a New Earth Civilization is Now

by Madison Reed

If a sizeable number of Humans--and that includes a percentage of people who head our religions, governments and corporate bodies--would begin aligning themselves completely to the discovery of how to create fulfilled and happy lives here on Earth--and if they would make that their religion and their plan, and spread the new knowledge throughout the world, in a very short period of time humanity could bring about a new Earth civilization where every person would be free and content, with enough resources to pursue their dreams. And I believe the time for doing that is now.
I'd like to express in another, visual way, my own inner yearning about this sacred task we have at hand, through a beautiful
Pinterest photo essay of children all over the world called "Les Yeux des Enfant Autour du Monde":


How can we not look at these beautiful children and not see ourselves in them?  And not feel Love's fire and a sting that goes to the center of our heartsWe know that we must close the old cycle dominated by greed and scarcity; prejudice and war; ignorance and poverty.  Working as individuals and as a collective, we must take bold, historic action that leads to the removal of all the false barriers to human progress that have been oppressing us from the beginning of our time on Earth. This isn't the horse and buggy era. We're living in an age where interstellar travel no longer sounds unrealistic; where time-travel, access to limitless free energy, and cures for terrible diseases and radical expansion of longevity are likely possibilities.

For millennia we have been divided and sub-divided by numerous false prejudices that have arrived always in the garb of holiness or patriotism; by social, cultural and economic differences; by either having access to an abundance of energy and knowledge or a lack of it, and by geographic isolation.

Now is THE TIME, the portal is open for all humanity to emerge from our former limitations that have caused so much sorrow. If you really think about it, and are honest--haven't you been living in a sad, moldy shack of conscious awareness for most of your life, in comparison to what the Universe may have available for all of us to receive? Kick down those walls and come into the sunshine.

We must begin peacefully demanding to our world leaders that this is the kind of new Earth civilization we want now. ~Madison Reed


Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Dear President Hassan Rouhani: Prepare Iran for the Spring of Springs

Nasir ul-Mulk Mosque, Iran       
President Hassan Rouhani حسن روحانی, prepare Iran for the Spring of springs now knocking at the door!

Go ahead and invite the chefs, the musicians and calligraphers; gather the tea, the saffron, the fruits and sweet rice, the flowers and attar, build the fires, and prepare the greatest feast for your nation. Hurry! Fill beloved Iran with flowers; roses, hyacinth, jasmine. Plant orchards of every variety of fruit like never before.

You've suffered enough. Your land is going to be healed. Your centuries of mourning will be over. The balm of true loving Justice and divine Light IS GOING TO FLOW FROM YOUR NATION.

Assemble all your broken-hearted, your separated, your feared and despised, and those who have almost lost every ray of hope, and get them ready, because your Beloved is near.

It is certain. Iran will be a Paradise for the world.


Friday, January 6, 2017

It is Over!

"It's over." said Vice President Joe Biden to several members of the Electoral College today who were reporting objections to the certification of electoral vote results for their districts to a joint session of the U.S. Congress. Yes, it IS over.

What I witnessed today seemed pretty shocking, and has caused me to doubt what form of government is in place in the USA now, or who's running our country.

Or perhaps a grand compromise has been struck to avert a civil war and to protect the world's economy? Or maybe we have in effect neutralized sharp and old political differences between the USA and Russia, to move the world further away from the possibility of the outbreak of WW3, closer to being able to work together for the benefit of European and world security, or even to meet all of those goals, plus strengthening our vital global order.

The world is a messy place. We'll see what happens. Always ask, "Cui bono?"