Saturday, May 26, 2012

African American Physician Depicted as Gorilla at UCLA Event

What has been done to Dr. Christian Head is completely off the chart and terrible, but a blessing for people like me to be able to witness the garbage in plain view. For hundreds of years, the United States of America has been an unfortunate host to an enormous, insidious religious and supremacist cult - just one tentacle of a multi-headed monster wrapped around the globe, that spreads terror and destruction to innocent human beings. Thanks to Dr. Christian Head, we see a prime example of its work, at the UCLA Medical Center in California.


Friday, May 25, 2012

President Obama Says 'No' to All Holy Terrorism

by Rev. Mel White

When President Obama announced his support for same-sex marriage, he gave our nation a far greater gift than marriage equality for millions of gay and lesbian couples. He spent a lot of time "evolving" on the issue, but in the end the President showed us that he would not give way to terrorists, even those "holy terrorists" on the Christian right who threatened God's wrath upon this nation if gays and lesbians were given the rights and protections of marriage.

Fundamentalists, whether Christian, Muslim, or Jew, use violence or the threat of violence to intimidate and coerce, especially for political purposes. Christian terrorists may not strap on bombs or toss hand grenades or spray a sidewalk café with automatic weapons. Instead, they promise that their God will do the dirty work for them.

We should not be surprised that holy terrorists use the threat of God's wrath to accomplish their political goals when they use the threat of God's wrath to intimidate or coerce their own children. In spite of all the psychological, scientific, historic, and even biblical evidence to the contrary, Christian pastors, priests, and parents still warn their lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender children that God doesn't love them as they are and that if they accept their sexual orientation as good, right, and blessed, God will abandon them to hell.

Playing the "wrath of God" card is not new to American politics. Recent surveys make it clear that the Tea Party movement is simply the old Christian right in disguise. More than half the Tea Party members surveyed believe that the Bible is the literal word of God, that America is a Christian nation, and that public officials should pay more attention to (the Christian) religion. Sixty-three percent believe that abortion should not be legal. Eighty-two percent oppose same-sex marriage. I do not hate my sisters and brothers on the Christian right, but I do fear their growing political power.

Republican candidates for president tripped all over themselves trying to win the hearts and minds of the new/old Christian right. Governor Romney continues to pander and placate. It is no longer just "the economy, stupid." In this election year, democracy is still threatened by theocracy. The Constitution is still threatened by biblical law. And holy terrorists are still using the threat of God's wrath to superimpose their beliefs on the rest of us. Gay Americans should celebrate all the advances being made toward full equality, but we must not forget that the civil and religious rights we have gained are easily reversed if the holy terrorists have their way.

According to the Baltimore Sun, at a hearing on Maryland's proposed constitutional amendment to prohibit gay marriage, Jamie Raskin, professor of law at American University, was requested to testify. At the end of his testimony, Republican senator Nancy Jacobs said, "As I read Biblical principles, marriage was intended, ordained, and started by God. That is my belief." Raskin replied, "People place their hand on the Bible and swear to uphold the Constitution; they don't put their hand on the Constitution and swear to uphold the Bible," eliciting applause from some people in the room.

Unfortunately, too many Americans are not applauding. The Tea Party mentality supports Senator Jacobs when she suggests that the "laws of God" are the ultimate authority over laws and protections based on the U.S. Constitution. The campaign to amend the North Carolina State Constitution was led almost entirely by holy terrorists misusing the Bible to turn ancient superstition and modern ignorance into law.

But I celebrate the fact that for whatever personal and political reasons, our president's support for marriage equality reaffirms his belief that we are not a Christian nation, that in this democracy the Constitution trumps biblical law, and that over the long haul our president will not be held hostage by holy terrorists warning the nation of "God's wrath."

Source:  The Huffington Post


Wednesday, May 16, 2012 Sacred Domain Name for Sale

Lord of Hosts, The Archangel Michael

 "For behold, He Who forms mountains & creates the wind & declares to man what are His thoughts, He Who makes dawn into darkness and treads on the high places of the earth, the LORD God of hosts is His name."  (Amos 4:13)

Hello.  For nearly 20 years, The Trustees have protected the sacred name "Lord of Hosts" - a name invoked for centuries by the prophets, and billions of believers from the Abrahamic faith traditions - associated with the office of the Creator's Supreme Manifestation and Archangel Michael - from any possibility that it could be acquired and used for any reason that would degrade its lofty station and purpose - which is for the protection of the innocent who are being overpowered and threatened by powerful enemies.

In these frightening and tumultuous times of transition from the previous age to the new glorious time ahead for the entire human race - as never before - lives are being wasted and the blood of millions of innocent people is being shed, our animal brother and sisters are being slaughtered every day, and our beautiful Earth Mother is being polluted and ruined by cruel human beings who serve the gods of false religion, money and power.   Untold millions suffer needlessly every  single day from the effects of discrimination and brutality, artificially induced scarcity and an unjust economic system that creates poverty, wastes human potential and turns the masses into economic slaves - all reinforced by oppressive and corrupt governments and religious institutions, originating primarily from the great Abrahamic Faith traditions that have been led away from God's Justice and Love!

From homosexual Iranian and Iraqi men who have perished from wave after wave of mob violence and state instigated executions to lesbians in South Africa who are severely beaten and raped by human "animals" who try to "cure" them with violent forced male to female intercourse; gay children in the United States bullied to death for their sexual orientation; Iranian women who face the death penalty by stoning for trumped up charges of adultery; Chinese dissidents who are prisoners of conscience; Uyghurs who want their independence from brutal and humiliating Chinese occupation; women who suffer genital mutilation from men who want them to be nothing more than walking, obedient orifices; Belarusians who are sick of dictatorship and want freedom and democracy; artists who are murdered or fear death threats from Islamic fanatics; African children who live in terror because they've been accused of witchcraft; and Albinos in African nations who live in endless terror from the threat of having their arms or legs amputated by poachers who sell their limbs to witch doctors who value them for their magical powers – it's time to respond to the deafening screams for help by millions of innocent human beings abused by the world's thugs, and stop it!

From the Judeo-Christian-Islamic traditions, the instruction to invoke the Lord of Host's name when we are in need of divine protection, has been remembered for centuries.  The time has come for there to be a way for the good, oppressed people of the Earth to have their voices heard resonantly throughout the world.  What better way than though an ancient promise that divine assistance will come to those who call on the name of the Lord of Hosts – the name the Prophet Isaiah extolled, saying "Holy, holy, holy is the Lord of Hosts."?  (Isaiah 6:3)

Imagine the attractive power of the name Lord of Hosts - a name that is known and revered by billions of people - which can get the ear of billions of people, quickly?  Its attractive power could be used as an historic catalyst for change.  Not to mention, it is the name that the God of the Bible told us to invoke when we are oppressed and overpowered by our enemies, in need of God's intervention and protection.

Therefore, I hope this message attracts the blessings of the All-Bounteous Spirit, rich with infinite possibilities, and that someone from among the world's most enlightened and capable individuals or organizations, is led to contact me to make arrangements for the Name's acquisition and utilization.

If you feel led, and have a serious idea or offer, please indicate your interest by sending your offer via email.  Please be sure to add our to your list of accepted senders so that it is not rejected by our SPAM filter.  I'll reply to you within 48 hours, typically.