Sunday, March 12, 2017

Focus on the Light. Follow the Light. Embody the Light.

We, the Human race live in a universe of limitless abundance, breathtaking beauty and mind-elevating, mysterious order, and yet for thousands of years we have been caught in a mire of continual struggle between two extremes: that for our bare survival, always feeling like we’re being pulled toward the zero point of our own extinction, or of the necessity to earn enough money to pay tuition for a university degree, to earn a trade, or start a business quickly enough, to enjoy what life has to offer while our heart is still beating. Most of humanity’s struggles now and in the past can be attributed to our level of maturity, evolution and knowledge. Our ancestors fought for their survival as they knew best.

The time is very near when all people throughout our planet, including our kin who inhabit the forests, the prairies, the mountains and the oceans, will be able to live in a state of tranquility and security.  Soon, we are going to heal our Earth, and heal humanity of its pain and sorrow. Soon, greed, hatred, violence and war are going to pass away forever.

There have been buried and scattered throughout our planet for millennia, “iron” links to an ancient Chain whose origin is celestial. These ancient links represent latent human soul qualities that will appear at the time when the dark and painful period of civilization as we know is nearing its end. But the end is only the beginning of a new great cycle where human civilization will find itself finally lifted out of the shadows of its difficult and painful past, into the age of Illumination. Souls will arise. Incredible human beings, spread throughout our planet, guided by the Light from the moment they were born, whose very existence, purpose and happiness will be to help humanity fulfill its highest potential, will “magnetically” attract each other, and begin to link to form a Golden Chain that will encircle the Earth with true justice and equity, pour out knowledge and help initiate the healing of our species and planet. They are servants of Light. They are the bringers of the Age of Illumination, that will never, ever again be followed by darkness and sorrow. War and poverty are going to pass from human history.

“The Age of War swiftly nears its end, as did Bronze, Iron, Medieval, and Modern. Soon the age of Illuminatiam will begin.” ~Illuminatiam: The First Testament of the Illuminati 
The dark shadow of injustice and cruelty from our past, will be replaced by true Justice and Equity for all beings. The mutilation of our biosphere, wholesale trashing of our environment causing the annihilation of entire species and threatening humans, will be replaced by a new beginning of planetary restoration and healing. The relentless threatening of billions of human beings and other lifeforms by military conflicts and poisonous weapons of mass destruction will stop. The various military worldwide will be transformed into global peace keeper forces, first response forces in case of natural disasters, and civilization infrastructure builders. And finally, new science and technologies that are currently unknown will revolutionize life on our planet, and give birth to an enlightened global economy.

Be very optimistic, and don’t give up your hope, my dear brothers and sisters. Do everything you can possibly do now to expand goodness and preserve and build upon the order and structures of civilization that serve us well, even though our world is still partially broken and we suffer from so much violence, material and spiritual scarcity. Abandon all forms of prejudices and limited thinking and see with the eye of oneness. Always align yourselves with the sacred Light. Ask the Light to operate through you, expand your vision, and transmute your mind and heart into pure gold. It will happen, if you strongly desire it. If all you can do is survive and with heart and soul, follow the Light, you will be led in the right direction, and to the right company.

  Madison Reed

*Although this information refers back to a vision I experienced while a freshman in college, it arises from inspiration deeply rooted in my own psyche, from my life's relationship to the Infinite. It is the very reason why I am extremely optimistic about humanity's future.

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Quantum Living Network -- A Completely Different Way to Live Freely, in Abundance!

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