Sunday, March 12, 2017

My Vision of the Golden Chain

The Celestial Golden Chain

                                                            My Vision of the Golden Chain

When I was 18 and a university freshman, one afternoon while I walking, I was pulled out of my body into space. What I perceived to be a wise, protective, male energy immediately called my name, and told me he was going to take me on a very important journey that I must not forget. Although I had never encountered anything like this, I had no fear. In fact, I was somewhat exhilarated and curious about what I was going to learn from this presence or being.

My vision began, accompanied by a presence on my left side, that had apparently pulled me out of my body, and was taking me into a sea of vast blackness, as we flew through what I guessed was space, until I could see our planet Earth appearing and then getting larger as we moved closer to it. We started flying counter-clockwise around our planet. It was a majestic sight to behold. I could see the continents, the blue oceans and all the details of our planet.

Non-verbally, my teacher began to tell me a story about enormous ancient iron chain links both of Earth and celestial origin, that were disassembled and scattered and laying deeply buried all over the planet. As we flew eastward, we would pause over certain areas. I was told that these areas would have special importance because there more more links buried in these areas, although my impression was that they were all over the planet. We flew around the Earth, as well as I can remember, 3 or 4 times. (My guess is that the circling of the Earth refers to the passage of very long period of time, from when the links were first buried “underground” until whatever it was that was so important for me to be told by this being to remember, would occur).

Midway through our flight around the Planet Earth, the instructive presence told me that these ancient links would start to “wake up” and become strongly magnetic. The magnetic force of attraction would be so powerful that no matter where they were, they would begin to move, and pull toward each other, and the force would pull them out of the Earth into the air and light where they would begin to link together. That was all that I was told and shown at that point in my vision.

But then, at once, I was taken further away from the Earth, out into space. The Earth appeared smaller, but still vivid and full of color. From that view, I was shown a beautiful, luminous Earth with an enormous glistening, golden chain encircling its perimeter. An invisible force then took both sides of the chain and wrapped the chain around the Earth’s girth and pulled strongly from both sides of the equator until it was squeezed inward like a belt tightening around a human’s waist. And there was a lot of squeeze! It wasn’t just a tightening. Then, as suddenly as I had been taken out into space to see the Golden Chain, we flew back while the presence said, “Madison, remember this. Don’t forget.” I found myself still walking. I had no idea how long I had been walking while my “I” had been out in space.

Although the teacher gave me no interpretation of anything I saw other than what I have written, my own intuitive sense told me that the squeezing of the Earth had something to do with a time in our future when heavenly beings would reassemble and awaken, and acting as agents of the Light -- sons and daughters of God, or whatever you wish to call the Universal Intelligence behind the Light -- would help with the rising of humanity, to finally end the plagues of endless corruption and injustice, and establish true justice, equity, and security - not through force, but through Love and the pouring out of knowledge.

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