Tuesday, February 16, 2016

The Great Failure of the U.S. Republic and a Solution if We Choose it

by Madison Reed
After nearly 300 years, we have no practical, effective mechanism to remove corrupt elected leaders from office, or to effectively represent the People. We have three branches of the federal and state governments, but no institutions of the People at the various levels of government; national, state and local, that are centers of power and influence from the American people, that both counter-balance government power and influence, and exert to the utmost degree the finest of our humanity.
Voting and jury duty are not institutions. We're fond of saying that our government's power comes from the People, but it's very difficult for us to do anything about it, because we have no Peoples' institutions. This is the root of our republic's problem.   It is a lack of checks and balances on a grander scale. The people were left out.   That's why government has become a run away train heading for a wreck, and why the substitute of the corporate "person" power has taken over to fill the void.

"I must create a system, or be enslaved by another man's." ~William Blake Hayes

We need institutions such as a Supreme Council of the Enlightened, a National Council of Elders, a National Center for the Study of Creation, A National Center for Conflict Resolution and Peace, a National Center for the Promotion of Happiness and Prosperity, a National Peoples' Tribunal, a National Library, a National Center for the Study of Man and Spirituality with a universal House of Worship for people of all beliefs, etc.  It's not too late to correct this mistake.