Saturday, December 3, 2011

The Bible is Not a Book About the Creator God, but the Annunaki

Enjoy the radio interview with Dr. Jack Pruett, obstetrician and gynecologist, and author of "The Grandest Deception" - a book based upon the works of Dr. Zechariah Sitchin and the Bible.  You may not agree with every point that Dr. Pruett makes, but please keep your mind open.  Many people such as myself believe in a Creator God, but we believe there's definitely something seriously wrong with the Bible - and that this fact isn't being faced or explained by Bible believers.

I happen to share Dr. Pruett's belief that the Bible - especially the Old Testament - is primarily a segment of our human ancestors' ancient story about their interaction with our Annunaki creators.  But I believe evidence indicates that humanity has experienced multiple genetic interventions and "fixes," and that while we may be made in the humanoid image of our Annunaki creators, we are a hybrid species that reflects a rich DNA diversity of numerous extraterrestrial star races.   And I'm not certain that the Annunaki is the malevolent race that Dr. Pruett believes it is.  Maybe at one time the Annunaki used us as slaves, but just like humans have evolved over thousands of years, so too could the Annunaki.   Eventually we'll know the truth.                                                                                                                       ~Madison Reed


Friday, December 2, 2011

The Initiation

Dying a thousand times is part of the Initiation - the "Via Dolorosa," or the Dark Night of the Soul.

The beautiful Love is always close to us!  And even though we can't always attain that Desire of our heart on the physical plane, if our hearts are steadfast and open, and strongly attracted to our Beloved Love, we will make it to the Paradise of Reunion.  She will join us there.

All of this is part of the natural order, as the envied and hated Love must always comes into the world, where she finds Herself enmeshed in the mire of physical reality, sacrificed over and over again until She is liberated - once the suffocating veils are ripped off, permanently!      ~Madison Reed


Thursday, December 1, 2011

U.S. Republican Party presidential candidate Michelle Bachmann says gays have equal rights: "They should marry the opposite sex."


Belarusian Mother asks the world to help her stop the execution of her son by Belarusian authorities

On November 30th the Supreme Court of Belarus sentenced my son Uladzislau Kavalyou (Vladislav Kovalev) and another young man Dzmitry Kanavalau (Dmitry Konovalov) to death.

Kanavalau was convicted in organizing the terrorist attacks in 2005 in Vitebsk, in 2008 in Minsk, and in the subway of Minsk in April 2011. My son Uladzislau was convicted of aiding.

The accusations are based on the statements made by these two young men, which, as many believe, were given under physical and emotional pressure. None of what has been said in court is supported by any evidence. My son insists he had not been involved in the terrorist attack and suggested Dzmitry Kanavalau has no relation to them either.

I believe that my son is innocent.
So do victims of the attack and many international human rights organizations:

- The victims of the attack have a number of questions regarding the impartiality and transparency of the trial and access to the case materials. Aliaksandr Kruty, a representative of one of the injured from the April attack Inesa Krutaya, made a motion to abolish the death penalty and asked the court to defer consideration of the case. A few days later - on September 20th - he was arrested and sent to a mental hospital allegedly for hooliganism. None of their motions were considered by the court;

- The defendants claimed that they were exposed to torture during the investigation to extract confessions.

- During the trial, independent journalists were banned from communicating with victims. The official media already refer to Kavalyou and Kanavalau as terrorists without awaiting the decision of the court.

With this petition, I am turning to you asking one single thing: I am asking you not to kill my son Uladzislau Kavalyou and Dzmitry Kanavalau, but instead to find those who are actually responsible for these terrorist crimes.

PLEASE HELP by signing the petition at, which will go to European authorities. 


Versión en español de la petición: Salva a mi hijo de la pena de muerte

At the moment Belarus is the only country in Europe, which continues to execute death sentences. And while these two men being murdered, those who are responsible for the attacks are walking freely.
Reports and Statements of Human Rights Groups:

Human Rights House: Human rights defenders concerned over trial against terrorism suspects in Belarus
Belarus Human Rights Group "Viasna": Stop murder – in the name of the people!
Amnesty International: Belarus continues to execute people despite the international pressure, date and time of executions are not made public to the families, bodies never returned.


Discovery: Apostle Paul accepted Christian homosexuals

Apostle Paul's Aeropagus Address on Mars Hill, Athens
For the last 2,000 years, Christians have been taught to believe that Apostle Paul condemned homosexuality. But a new discovery documents that he deliberately acknowledged that it does not prevent anyone from entering heaven. This discovery by internationally acclaimed cryptographer Michael Wood removes the final barrier to full societal acceptance of gays and lesbians.

“Michael Wood’s discovery is remarkable because it solves a colossal paradox regarding Paul’s Greek that has baffled scholars for 2,000 years,” says Dr. William Berg, who taught Greek and Roman Classics at Stanford University.

Paul’s only unequivocal reference to homosexuality is found within Romans 1:18-3:20, a Biblical passage that has mystified scholars for two millennia. “The interpretation of Romans 1:18-3:20 has been notoriously difficult for almost every commentator,” Richard Longenecker, the Distinguished New Testament Scholar at Wheaton College, writes in his book ‘Studies in Paul.’ “Earlier interpreters such as Origen, Jerome, Augustine, and Erasmus wrestled with this issue and it continues to plague commentators today.”’

The passage is riddled with paradoxes. It says that “only the doers of the law will be vindicated by God,” and “by the works of the law no one will be vindicated.” The passage also mysteriously separates idolatrous, homosexual, orgy fests from transgressions worthy of spiritual death. “In finding the definitive solution to Paul’s legal paradox, I inadvertently discovered why he separated the idolatrous, same-sex orgies from the things he considered worthy of spiritual death,” said Wood.

Dr. Berg has spent many months examining the linguistic and historical basis of what he describes as Wood’s “remarkable” discovery. “Michael Wood reveals to the public a well-kept secret, namely that the apostle Paul, like the rest of his contemporaries, divided the commands of the Jewish law into two groups demarcated by Leviticus 19:18—‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’ All the commandments based on loving your neighbor were ‘Justices of the Torah.’ Those not based on Leviticus 19:18 were ‘Jobs of the Torah.’” Dr. Berg explained.

Wood’s solution is definitive, elegant, and verifiable. Romans 2:13-26 teaches: Only the doers of the ‘Justices of the Torah’ will be vindicated before God. Romans 3:20 says, “By the ‘Jobs of the Torah’ no one will be vindicated.” Not only is there no contradiction, but the two teachings have always been simple restatements of each other; the “Great Paradox” is no paradox at all!

This legal solution fully explains Paul’s treatment of homosexuality. Paul’s passage excludes idolatrous, homosexual, orgy fests from things which he considered worthy of spiritual death, things such as “bad-mouthing others,” “deceiving,” and “inflicting pain.” Those engaged in idolatrous, homosexual orgies weren’t violating the Justices (they weren’t violating the precept, “Love your neighbor as yourself”). Therefore, Paul was obliged to separate this from his list of things which did violate the Justices.

The finding is significant because it documents that Paul purposefully separated the same-sex acts; it was a conscious, deliberate decision consistent with the rest of the passage. In fact, it was demanded by the rest of the passage. The resolution of the paradox empirically proves that Paul’s view on homosexuality was very different from what Christians had thought for 2,000 years.

Although Romans 1 contains the only unequivocal reference to homosexuality, anti-homosexual statements have been introduced into other passages in newer versions of the English Bible. As for these modern changes to the Biblical text: “Michael Wood has gone the extra mile in being faithful to Paul’s Greek,” said Dr. Berg. “He shows, time and again, that the words traditionally mistranslated as ‘homosexual,’ ‘effeminate,’ ‘impure,’ and so forth, are really targeting selfish, unloving, unjust activity and have nothing to do with sexual orientation. He shows that once again Paul was condemning those who violate the Justices of the Torah, and nothing more.”

Full details of Michael Wood’s definitive solution to the 2,000-year-old paradox and the implications for full acceptance of gays and lesbians are discussed in his new book, ‘Paul on Homosexuality.’

Get your own copy of "Jesus on Homosexuality," (.PDF Format) by Michael Wood.  Share it with your church.  Discuss in church groups.  Write a news article about Woods' major historical findings, to inform citizens about Christianity's tragic 1,900 year error!

Source: PRNewChannel

Statement from Dr. William Berg

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Former Sheriff of the Year busted for trafficking methamphetamines

Sheriff Pat Sullivan, photo by RJ Sangosti

Every civil servant wants to experience his or her legacy firsthand--but not the way that onetime Arapahoe Sheriff Patrick J. Sullivan Jr. has. Sullivan, a nationally renowned law enforcement leader, was arrested on drug charges and is now being detained in the Denver area jail that bears his name.

Sullivan, who in 2001 was named the National Sheriff Association's "Sheriff of the Year," was arrested on suspicion of trafficking methamphetamines.

Local news station CBS4 began an investigation of Sullivan last month on a tip that he had agreed to meet a male informant, providing drugs in exchange for sex. He was subsequently arrested by the South Metro Drug Task Force and is currently being held on a $250,000 bond.

And in an incredible twist of fate, Sullivan now cooling his heels at The Patrick J. Sullivan Jr. Detention Facility, named in his honor.

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Androids, BlackBerries and Nokia Smartphones Are Spying on You!

An Android developer recently discovered a clandestine application called Carrier IQ built into most smartphones that doesn't just track your location; it secretly records your keystrokes, and there's nothing you can do about it. Is it time to put on a tinfoil hat? That depends on how you feel about privacy.

The reason for this invasive Android app seems reasonable enough at face value. Even though it's on most Android, BlackBerry and Nokia devices, most users would never know that Carrier IQ is running in the background, and that's sort of the point. Described on the company's website as software to gain "unprecedented insight into their customers' mobile experience," Carrier IQ is ostensibly supposed to help mobile carriers and device manufacturers gather data in order to improve their products. Tons of applications do this, and you're probably used to those boxes that pops up on your screen and ask if you want to help the company by sending your data back to them. If you're concerned about your privacy, you just tap no and go about your merry computing way. As security-conscious Android developer Trevor Eckhart realized, however, Carrier IQ does not give you this option, and unless you were code-savvy and looking for it, you'd never know it was there. And based on how aggressive the company has been in trying to keep Eckhart quiet about his discovery, it seems like Carrier IQ doesn't want you to know it's there either.

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