Friday, March 29, 2019

It's Time.

 It's Time.

I strongly believe that humanity is rising, not falling! We are living in humanity's Sacred Days of Light - a time of such brilliance that the eyes and hearts of prophets thousands of years ago, could see its glow. This is the time, just prior to our species’ birth into a new universal cycle marked by the the lifting of an ancient veil, that will allow us for the first time to begin to see things as they are, and to become a wise, prosperous, peaceful, intergalactic species.

It's time for everyone to "come out" and share ideas, encouragement and optimism about our life here on Earth, and to work vigorously to lessen the possibility of any kind of war. It's really time to start letting down the barriers, removing the walls, playing the music, and dancing, together. Now, more than ever before, we need to rapidly expand and solidify our friendships and loyalty to each other, because if we do not combine our talents and vision, we will not be able to counter the massive, deeply rooted lie that humanity is incapable of rising to the level, of a peaceful, welcoming, glorious species, loved and trusted by other intelligent species throughout the Universe.

Any statement or action that denies our oneness, or our potential to rise into the Luminous Heaven to claim the gift that was given to us by our Creators, is part of the ancient, massive lie.

Let's use the power of Facebook and other social media, to quickly expand the gentle tsunami of change.

~Madison Reed