Saturday, June 19, 2010

Dear President Obama, Happiness is a Powerful Force!

Dear President Obama,

I worked to elect you. I made calls to Montana, Pennsylvania, and to other states, to convince people to vote for you. I'm a gay man who's had to live separated from my European partner for years, because I have no legal familial rights under federal law to sponsor him to come to the United States to live with me.

I'm not the only LGBT American who's literally being torn apart, attacked and extinguished by laws that bigots made to deliberately harm LGBT Americans.

Please take a look at the horrible predicament faced by the lady in this story, who was trying to go through ROTC.  And listen to "Excluded", a video about the lives of Tony, an American, and Thomas, a German - a devoted gay bi-national couple who has held onto their relationship for 16 years despite having to go through  and loss and inconvenience, and living a nomadic life, because they're excluded as a family for immigration rights in the United States.  Then there are the estimated 36,000+ other American gay bi-national couples who are still split apart by country, living in exile, or seeing being forcibly split apart by immigrations officers, because they are not given the same familial rights as American heterosexual bi-national couples.

Don't you believe it's time for this kind of disgraceful hypocrisy and dishonesty to stop, Mr. President?  When are you going to forcefully defend our rights?  We are suffering incalculable harm because we are not even treated as human beings in the United States.  We know it is within your power to issue a Presidential Executive Order to change the status quo.  How can you allow the assault against the American LGBT community to continue for even another week?

Happiness is a powerful force!!!   America needs more happiness!!!  Help us.  Think about it.

Madison Reed


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