Friday, June 18, 2010

The Mormon State of Utah executes Ronnie Lee Garder by firing squad

Another reminder of America's spiritual cancer metastases.  I was thinking about the irony of Ronnie Lee Gardner's execution this morning.  He was executed in Utah, a Mormon state!  The entire system involved; the lawyers, judges, police and executioners, are likely Mormons, or other Christians.
The LDS Church promotes itself as the modern  day "corrected and cleansed from error" church of Jesus Christ, but the Gospel Jesus was clearly an opponent of capital punishment.  So how can they justify executing this man?

Read what Associated Press writer Jennifer Dobner writes about Gardner's execution just after midnight this morning:  Firing squad execution sobering, but dramatic

Jerry Givens, a correctional officer and retired executioner who gave it up, talks about how wrong execution is, and call's for its ban:


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