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"One Cup, One Life" - a Gift to Humanity from the Keshe Foundation

Most people living on our planet are very poor, and cannot access immune system strengthening and anti-viral nutrients, let alone basic healthy food. Now, humanity-at-large is facing a global pandemic from a mysterious origin corona viral disease. We do not know if this virus has evolved through natural selection, or if it is a mutation, or a designed bio-warfare virus.  But the world has seen in print and video, a lot of frightening information indicating its virulence, and almost an intelligent determination to exploit our weaknesses.

In January, during Wuhan, China's terrible ordeal with the virus, Dr. Mehran Keshe, founder of the Keshe Foundation, published an instructional video to help the masses of people in 
Wuhan and surrounding areas, build a small electrolysis unit to prepare a very inexpensive, zinc-copper-carbon dioxide containing plasma water, from common items laying around just about every global household.  Everyone can build these units, or get help from friends, and we, the people all over the world can share the water with friends, to fight not only this COVID-19 disease, but other future bacterial or viral diseases to come.  We all have Mehran Keshe and the Keshe Foundation to thank for sharing this basically free, knowledge. 

Disclaimer: None of this information or what follows should in any way be understood or construed to be medical advice from a licensed physician, or a substitute for medical advice, or as a recommendation for a replacement for seeking sound medical consultation and treatment from your healthcare provider.  ~Madison Reed, New Earth Resource Company

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One Cup, One Life is a Do-it-Yourself Method to Help Citizens Fight the Corona virus and other viruses

Watch the instructional videos below, and use the materials list and printed instructions taken from the video. Links to voice-over videos in other languages, are also below.

Videos Part 1 and 2: Corona Virus: One Cup, One Life (English)

Corona Virus: One Cup, One Life
: Plasma Understanding, Prevention and Protocols

Corona Virus: One Cup, One Life, additional videos with voice over in other languages:

OneCup OneLife eradicates Wuhan Coronavirus (with voice-over in Spanish)

OneCup OneLife eradicates Wuhan Coronavirus
 (with voice-over in Portuguese)

OneCup OneLife eradicates Wuhan Coronavirus (with voice-over in Persian/Farsi)

OneCup OneLife eradicates Wuhan Coronavirus (with voice-over in German)

OneCup OneLife eradicates Wuhan Coronavirus subtitle files!b8cj0YTK
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Wiki: "One Cup, One Life" - Video pictures and transcription:

Preparing Your Own "One Cup, One Life" “GANS” (Gas in Nano-State) Water

This liquid is certified non-toxic, and is already in use in a Guangzhou hospital. The "GANS" water contains ZnO, CuO and CO2.

Most of the materials you'll need, you can find from around your house, for less than a few dollars.

Materials List:

1 clear glass cup

A liter of water (Distilled or purified is preferable)

Some copper wire. You can strip it from wires from old appliances. You'll need two 30 cm lengths, plus three more unstripped extension pieces of wire.
1 piece of zinc. This is very easy to find, by opening up a C or D battery, and unrolling the zinc sheet inside of it.

A gas torch

1 piece of firm steel or other rigid wire, wider than the diameter of the top of your glass cup. It can be from a large paper clip, or a piece of rigid steel wire you find around the house.

50 g of cooking salt

1 small used, weakened battery. (For speeding up the production of the GANS water. Dr. Keshe said "weakened" for a reason. So make sure the battery isn't new.

1 roll of electrical tape.

1 pair of wire cutters

1 pencil, small dowel rod, or something to wrap wire around to form the wire into a spiral shape.

Also needed will be two small spray bottles.


Strip away the copper wire from the plastic insulator material. Cut two 30 cm pieces of copper wire and set them aside.

First, spiral the first copper wire around a pencil to make a wire coil, compress the coil until the wraps are touching, and tightly coiled. But make sure that you begin your spiral so that you have enough wire at the initial end of the coil, to bend into a small hook, for draping over the glass. Slide the coil from the
pencil, pull the tightly wrapped coils slightly apart and set the wire coil aside.

Next, take the second piece of copper wire and place it in the torch flame, very slowly moving it back and forth in the flame until every part of the copper wire reaches a glowing red state, from end to end. Every centimeter of the entire copper wire must have reached the glowing red state, and must appear black, or it will not be effective to make the GANS water. After you've finished your nano-coated copper wire, wrap it too around the pencil, and compress the coils as before, making sure that you have a little hook on one side of the coil, as with the first wire coil. Slide this coil off the pencil and pull  the coils apart slightly before setting aside.

Thirdly, take your size C or D battery, open it up and remove a small rectangular sheet of zinc that will be rolled up inside. Most batteries will contain the zinc plate. It must be zinc. Zinc is a slightly soft, dull gray metal. After you flatten it out the roll of zinc, fold one side's end to make a hook to hang over one side of your glass. Set that aside, with the other two wire coils.


Now, pick up the zinc plate and hang on one edge of the drinking glass.

After that, take the first wire, the shiny, NON-nano coated copper wire spiral and hang it over the opposite side of the glass. You have to bend one end so that there’s a small hook for draping over the glass.

Pick up the steel wire, and bend it to form a bridge that rests over the middle of the top of the glass. It will serve as a bracket to suspend the second, black colored nano-coated copper wire, in the middle.

Now pick up the nano-coated wire, and suspend it in the middle of the steel bracket wire.

Now, you have a bracket over the drinking glass with the nano-coated wire hanging down into the cup from the middle of the bracket, and the shiny copper coil will be hanging from one side of the glass, and the zinc over the opposite side.

So it's time to connect these three.

Take a piece of the insulated copper extension
wire and connect/wrap it firmly to the top of the zinc plate, and place
it back over the glass.

Take the second piece of insulated copper
extension wire and connect it tightly to one leg of the stiff wire
bridge that the nano-copper coil is suspended from. Place the bridge
with the coil back over the top of the glass.

Pick up the third piece of insulated copper
extension wire, and connect it tightly to the top end of shiny copper
coil hanging over the glass. Place the coil back in place hanging over
the glass.

Now you have all three parts of the system connected to three wire extensions.


To speed up the electrolysis process, connect and twist the two ends of the zinc plate and the shiny copper coil together (opposite sides of the glass), tape them to the top, positive end of the battery. Make sure it is tightly taped.

Firmly tape the end of the wire connected to the black nano-copper coil suspended from the center of the glass, to the negative, or bottom end of battery.

Make sure all wires remain separate from each other, and do not touch.


Add your 50 grams of cooking salt to the liter of water, and pour it into the glass. You'll start seeing bubbles. That's a sign that the electrolysis process is working.  As it processes, you'll notice a greenish-white material forming that will settle to the bottom of the glass. Allow this to settle, and NEVER DRINK OR TOUCH THE GREENISH SEDIMENT THAT SETTLES AT THE BOTTOM! After the water clears, remove 100 ml - 200 ml, and drink it. In the beginning, if you drink this water, it will taste salty.

Instead of drinking it
before the salt is washed out, you can instead use the salty GANS to fill your spray bottle, for spraying on your face, your head, or wetting a face mask.  Wash out the salt by adding more water, letting that water settle until it is clear with the green sediment in the bottom, again. Pour or siphon the GANS water into a glass storage container.

Once you make your first glass of GANS water, you can fill the glass over and over again, letting the sediment fall to the bottom, and pouring off the clear GANS water for drinking, or giving to friends, until the sediment is completely gone. Then you start over again with the electrolysis process, to produce more.

ADDITIONAL DETAILS: (From the video “Plasma Understanding, Prevention and Protocols”)

Stages of healing from virus, from Pre-Infection to Recovery and Prevention:

1. Pre-Infection

2. Infection

3. Post-Infection

4. Recovery

5. Prevention

1.  If you don't have the GANS water, this is a way to test each morning to see if your lungs are compromised by the virus (This is called "Matter State Testing):

Every morning, pinch your nostrils and hold your breath for 10 seconds. If you do not cough, or you do not run out of breath, 90% you are OK. But if you are forced to cough, or you cannot hold your breath, there is a 90% chance the virus has already started the process of entering your lungs.

2.  If you are infected. You have to follow this procedure without failure, to support your lungs and heart:

Spray your entire chest (over heart and both sides of your lungs) with GANS every hour.

Spray GANS water around your face and then head, in that order. Spray, not wash over, every hour.

Every 15 minutes to one hour, take one sip of about 50 ml of the GANS water.

Build a small (hubble-bubble) inhaler bottle with Coca-Cola bottle and two straws (explained in video @ 32:15), Put the GANS water inhale at least 10
minutes every hour. If you have a fever you should loose your temperature in 1 to 3 hours. Depending upon the degree of damage to your lungs, the coughing will go away in days.

Continue this process for up to 3 months. You will naturally stop when you no longer need it.

CO Takes the energy from the virus.
CO2 Makes the connection.” ~Mehran Keshe


Spray body every morning when you get up, and before you go to bed.

Spray your face.

Spray your head.

During the day, drink at least 300 ml to 500 ml of GANS water, in stages.

Inhale GANS water at least once or twice a day for 15 minutes.

Spray on your hands, door knobs, table tops, bus handles, your mask, spray on everything that you might be touching.…

This report containing the transcription of information contained in Keshe Foundation videos, was prepared by Madison Reed, CEO, New Earth Resource Company


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