Saturday, October 3, 2015

A Scientist's Urgent Call to the U.S. Government and Global Scientific Community

"So what we have is a situation where the entire structure; of science, industry, uh...the organizations of science, and the patent office, are already against you.  If you can't get a patent, how can you you license?"  ~Tom Bearden

by Madison Reed
In his video testimony and address to the global scientific community, likely recorded in 2003, Lieutenant Colonel Thomas Bearden, U.S. Army, PhD calls on the U.S. government and world scientific community to take immediate action to free human civilization once and for all from its current energy limitations, before it's too late, and we experience a global economic collapse.

Dr. Bearden says that the Universe has limitless clean energy flowing continually from the fourth dimension, and that we already know exactly how to capture it.  The problem has been solved.  We only need scientists to rise out of their limited orthodox thinking, and for the U.S. government to order a change to this new energy system.

Bearden eloquently explains to us that in the very beginning, while humans were developing our understanding of electrodynamics, we made a terrible false assumption based upon our three dimensional thinking, and created a global energy system that assumed energy was limited, when it is not.

The Universe actually pumps endless energy everywhere, continually.  Abundance is endless.  Energy is free and clean for all.  Now, we have reached the level of knowledge to understand the error.  And we have the technology right now, to alter the downward spiraling course of human civilization within a few years.  Our economies can recover, human civilization can finally pull itself out of limitation.  Although Dr. Bearden's address was recorded in 2003, notice that he accurately predicts a global economic collapse in 2008.

It is my hope that President Obama listens to this video, and before he leaves office, he becomes the president to order a new "Marshall Plan" to redirect and command; through presidential executive order if necessary, our scientific community, our industry and university system, to move rapidly away from limited energy, to a world of free, clean limitless energy.

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