Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The Birth of a Glorious, Free, Organic and United Earth Civilization

Emblem of the United Earth

The birth of a glorious, free, organic and united Earth civilization will not be stopped, and the ubiquitous global revolution of human consciousness can never be managed, controlled or used by entities who cannot understand its language.

~Madison Reed


Sunday, November 28, 2010

US: WikiLeaks release endangers 'countless' lives

AP: WikiLeaks Founder, Julian Assange
By Matthew Lee

The Obama administration is warning online whistleblower WikiLeaks that its expected imminent release of classified State Department documents will put "countless" lives at risk, threaten global counterterorism operations and jeopardize U.S. relations with its allies.

In a highly unusual step reflecting the administration's grave concerns about the ramifications of the move, the State Department late Saturday released a letter from its top lawyer to WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange telling him publication of the documents would be illegal and demanding that he stop it.

In the letter, State Department legal adviser Harold Koh said the publication of some 250,000 secret diplomatic cables by WikiLeaks will "place at risk the lives of countless innocent individuals," "place at risk on-going military operations," and "place at risk on-going cooperation between countries."

The State Department said Koh's message was a response to a letter received on Friday by the U.S. ambassador to Britain, Louis Susman, from Assange and his lawyer, Jennifer Robinson. The department said that letter asked for information "regarding individuals who may be 'at significant risk of harm' because of" the release of the documents.

"Despite your stated desire to protect those lives, you have done the opposite and endangered the lives of countless individuals," Koh wrote in reply. "You have undermined your stated objective by disseminating this material widely, without redaction, and without regard to the security and sanctity of the lives your actions endanger."  Story continues here....


Saturday, November 27, 2010

Will WikiLeaks Unravel the American 'Secret Government'?

By Jijo Jacobs

The U.S. Department of State is working overtime sending messages to ally capitals warning the impending release of classified documents by WikiLeaks could harm relations in what is seen as a pre-emptive move of unprecedented scale to neutralize the impact of the unveiling of embarrassing and compromising details about the inner workings of the government apparatus.

After making shattering revelations about the U.S. policy -- and its practice -- in Iraq and Afghanistan, WikiLeaks seems to be targeting this time the core of the U.S. government machinery, especially the subterranean diplomatic channels it employs while cutting deals and enforcing compliance in world capitals.

This knowledge has set off a diplomatic counter-offensive of never-before-seen proportion. The U.S. embassies in allied capitals have been forewarned of the release of documents which could potentially destabilize friendly relations.

The State Department, in an advance fire-fighting mode, has said the consequences of the WikiLeaks bombshell to American interests could be severe as the whistleblower website could reveal instances of allies breaking ranks secretly to pursue policies harmful to each other and squarely contradicting publicly stated stances.

"Without getting into specifics, typical cables describe summaries of meetings, analysis of events in other countries and records of confidential conversations with officials of other governments and with members of civil society. ... They are classified for a very good reason. They contain sensitive information and reveal sources of information that impact our national interests and those of other countries," State Department spokesman P.J.Crowley said.

Researchers have often pointed out the stark contrast between nation states' declared policies -- and the means to achieve them -- and what actually transpires on the ground. The inner workings, the dark secrets and shady deals never see the light of day until they may be declassified years later, severely undermining democratic values of truth and transparency.

Now WikiLeaks is out to run a knife through a mountain of classified documents revealing how the proverbial 'secret government' works its way through cluttered diplomatic channels. And that certainly could be embarrassing to lots of people in many capitals, more so in Washington.

The Pentagon has already warned the U.S. Senate and House Armed Services Committees that the leaks will “touch on an enormous range of very sensitive foreign policy issues.” “We anticipate that the release could negatively impact U.S. foreign relations,” Assistant Secretary for Legislative Affairs Elizabeth King said in an e-mail to the defense committees.


Media speculate that the soon-to-be-leaked cables could contain sensitive talks between government functionaries, diplomats, military top brass and politicians which may show top government players in unflattering light.

According to Sky News foreign affairs editor Tim Marshall, even heads of government will be the target in the leaked documents. "We think that three leaders might be in the firing line, because we know the Americans have criticized (Afghan president) Hamid Karzai, President Asif Ali Zardari of Pakistan and Prime Minister Vladimir Putin of Russia."

President Barack Obama's administration will particularly feel the heat as many of the documents to be published relate to the time since he took office. Experts say there could even be cables related to the government's maneuverings to get allies accept Guantanamo detainees as Obama was pressing ahead with the deadline to close the infamous detention camp. Israel's Haartez daily quoted an unnamed senior Israeli official who said the WikiLeaks material includes diplomatic cables sent to Washington from American embassies throughout the world.

Jijo Jacob's story continues here....

Other sources:  WL Central: An unoficial WikiLeaks information resource


Andrei Sannikov: History is Being Made Today

Andrei Sannikov: Candidate for the Presidency of Belarus

By Andrei Sannikov

We have the best men in the world and the prettiest women. Together we are one nation and we have a unique chance we must not miss.

Minsk residents, who find themselves locked in their apartments; dwellers of towns suffered from Harvest Festivals; drivers, who had to stand in traffic jams due to the cortege that doesn’t obey the rules; they know well what Lukashenka’s movement through the city means. Half the city is blocked due to Lukashenka’s whim to go to cinema or visit a sporting venue. This is his real popularity rating. He knows that all his sociologists, both on staff and outside, lie. He knows that a minus sign must be put in front of the figures. That’s the reason of these extreme safety measures, that’s why he fears for his life. Though nobody think to attempt on his life. Nobody needs his life, but everyone needs Belarus. Everyone.

We need normal Belarus, not an absurd dictatorship, this eyesore in the center of Europe that scolds with all neighbours. It borrows money and pours mug on those who gave the money. The debt has risen beyond 25 billion over three years. But the official gold reserves are 5 billion.

The country has been driven into a dead end. Finding a way out is possible only by changing the power and giving citizens freedom and guaranteed respect. This is worth struggling for and we will struggle. Belarus is waking up, people leave their kitchens and go to streets, they begin to talk about politics and changes without fear.

I am satisfied with signature collecting. People avoided coming to the dictator’s picket, but formed queues for opposition pickets. Here is the fact that not all people know: those engaged in administrative pickets later put their signatures for alternative candidates with pleasure, talked with members of opposition initiative groups and promised to be on the square if necessary.

Lukashenka apparently made himself believe tolerance of the Belarusians, he believes his own propaganda team, newspapers and websites trying to persuade people they are cowards and do not deserve a better fate. We also often try to convince ourselves in our tolerance. History of Belarus is not based on tolerance. Both 1918 and 1991 are milestones in our history because we left our tolerance at home for a time and went to defend our honour and dignity.

When I was in Baranavichy, a woman came to me at the picket and asked:

– What will you give me?

– What do you want?

– I want a husband…

– That’s the easiest thing. I am sure the best men of Belarus, strong and courageous, will be on the Square on December 19.

I am really convinced that we have the best men in the world and the prettiest women. Together we are one nation and we have a unique chance we must not miss.

History is being made today. We will win.

From an interview in Narodnaya Volya newspaper


New Earth Army commander Jim Channon interviews Cavalry Captain David Lakota

New Earth Army commander Jim Channon interviews his Cavalry, Captain David Lakota, on the importance of paradise.

New Earth Army commander Jim Channon interviews his Cavalry Captain David Lakota, on the importance of paradise. This accents the new mission of the New Earth Army which is to lead people in to paradise using first their minds then small spots of sanctuary and finally blowing out into new global villages.


Massive European Pyramids Discovered in Bosnia

The Bosnian Pyramid, Visocica Hill, is the first European pyramid to be discovered and is located in the heart of Bosnia, in the town of Visoko.

Because of its similarities to the Pyramid of the Sun in Teotihuacan, Mexico, it has been named the "Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun". There are also a four more ancient structures on the site, the Bosnian Pyramid of the Moon, Bosnian Pyramid of the Dragon, Bosnian Pyramid of the Love and Temple of the Earth, with a paved entrance plateau and discovered underground tunnels.


Russian Parliament Admits Stalin's Responsibility in Ordering the Katyn Massacre

By Vanessa Gera
Associated Press, Warsaw

The World War II Katyn massacres were committed on the direct order of Soviet dictator Josef Stalin, Russia's lower house of parliament said Friday — a statement hailed by Polish officials.

The 1940 massacre of around 20,000 Polish officers and other prominent citizens in western Russia by Soviet secret police has long soured relations between the two countries. President Dmitry Medvedev will visit Poland in early December.

Soviet propaganda for decades blamed the killings on the Nazis, but post-Soviet Russia previously acknowledged they were carried out by the People's Commissariat for Internal Affairs, or NKVD — Stalin's much feared secret police.

The statement passed by the State Duma appears aimed as a step toward Russia definitively breaking with its Soviet legacy.

Some observers have expressed alarm in recent years that Russia may be quietly rehabilitating Stalin. Last year, a quote praising Stalin was restored to the decoration of one of Moscow's busiest subway stations; this year, Moscow's mayor proposed allowing posters depicting Stalin as part of the annual celebrations of the defeat of Nazi Germany.

"This historic document is important not only for Russian-Polish relations — much more it is important for us ourselves," said Konstantin Kosachev, chairman of the Duma's foreign relations committee, according to the news agency ITAR-Tass.

Russia has turned over scores of volumes of documents this year about Katyn to the Polish government.

"Published materials, held in secret archives for many years, not only reveal the scale of this awful tragedy but show that the Katyn crime was committed on the direct order of Stalin and other Soviet leaders," says the statement, which also expresses "deep sympathy for the victims of this unjustified repression."

Communist legislators tried to amend the statement to remove the naming of Stalin, but were defeated.

"The falsification of history that we are fighting against in other countries is also taking place in our country, and today we could see it with our own eyes," Kosachev said of the amendment attempt. Russian officials frequently use the term "falsification of history" to attack perceived attempts to underplay the importance of the Red Army in the fight against Nazi Germany.

The head of the Polish parliament's foreign affairs committee, Andrzej Halicki, said he considered the Duma's statement to be a breakthrough.

"I am happy that such a process of reconciliation and truth is taking place," he said. "It is the first such act that proves that our relations and discussions are sincere."

However, Jaroslaw Kaczynski, head of the conservative opposition Law and Justice party, said he still wants Russia to offer a full apology and compensation.

A U.S. historian who wrote a book about Katyn, hailed the Duma decision.

"I think this is part of a long process in which ultimately the Russian people will have to come to grips with their past," Allen Paul, who authored "Katyn: Stalin's Massacre and the Triumph of Truth," told The Associated Press.

Source: news.yahoo.com


Iceland Preparing to Draft World's First Truly Democratic Constitution, Created by an Assembly of Citizens

Voting for Constitutional Assembly.  Photo: Jon Svavarsson

Associated Press

Iceland's getting a new constitution — and it's really going to be the voice of the people.

The sparsely-populated volcanic island is holding an unusual election Saturday to select ordinary citizens to cobble together a new charter, an exercise in direct democracy born out of the outrage and soul-searching that followed the nation's economic meltdown.

Hundreds of people are vying for the chance to be among up to 31 people who will form the Constitutional Assembly slated to convene early next year — a source of huge pride for Icelanders who have seen their egos take a beating in recent years.

"This is the first time in the history of the world that a nation's constitution is reviewed in such a way, by direct democratic process," says Berghildur Erla Bergthorsdottir, spokeswoman for the committee entrusted with organizing the Constitutional Assembly.

Iceland has never written its own constitution. After gaining independence from Denmark in 1944, it took the Danish constitution, amended a few clauses to state that it was now an independent republic, and substituted the word 'president' for 'king.' A comprehensive review of the constitution has been on the agenda ever since.
Pressure mounted for action after the nation's economic collapse in 2008, an event punctuated by ordinary citizens gathering outside the Althingi, the parliament, banging pots, pans and barrels — a loud, clanging expression of fury. The meltdown was seen not only as a failure of the economy but of the system of government and regulatory agencies. Many came to believe a tighter constitutional framework — including a clearer division of powers — might have been able to minimize that damage, or even prevent it.

"It is very important for ordinary citizens, who have no direct interest in maintaining the status quo, to take part in a constitutional review," said Prime Minister Johanna Sigurdardottir. "We are hoping this new constitution will be a new social covenant leading to reconstruction and reconciliation, and for that to happen, the entire nation needs to be involved."

The election marks yet another twist in the fortunes of this Nordic nation of just 320,000 that went from economic marvel to fiscal basket-case almost overnight. The rugged island settled by Vikings was transformed from a country of fisherman to hub of international finance with dizzying speed. Icelandic investors — dubbed 'Viking raiders' — snapped up assets around the world for a decade, mostly on borrowed funds.   News story continues here.....


Thursday, November 18, 2010


World, meet DESIRELESS!

Desireless Official Site


Monday, November 15, 2010

Scientists propose one-way trips to Mars

AP Photo: Dr. Paul Davies
By Nicholas K. Geranios

Invoking the spirit of "Star Trek" in a scholarly article entitled "To Boldly Go," two scientists contend human travel to Mars could happen much more quickly and cheaply if the missions are made one-way. They argue that it would be little different from early settlers to North America, who left Europe with little expectation of return.

"The main point is to get Mars exploration moving," said Dirk Schulze-Makuch of Washington State University, who wrote the article in the latest "Journal of Cosmology" with Paul Davies of Arizona State University. The colleagues state — in one of 55 articles in the issue devoted to exploring Mars — that humans must begin colonizing another planet as a hedge against a catastrophe on Earth.

Mars is a six-month flight away, possesses surface gravity, an atmosphere, abundant water, carbon dioxide and essential minerals. They propose the missions start by sending two two-person teams, in separate ships, to Mars. More colonists and regular supply ships would follow.

The technology already exists, or is within easy reach, they wrote.

An official for NASA said the space agency envisions manned missions to Mars in the next few decades, but that the planning decidedly involves round trips.

President Obama informed NASA last April that he "`believed by the mid-2030s that we could send humans to orbit Mars and safely return them to Earth. And that a landing would soon follow,'" said agency spokesman Michael Braukus.

News story continues....


Sunday, November 14, 2010

Société Générale tells clients how to prepare for potential 'global collapse'

Société Générale has advised clients to be ready for a possible "global economic collapse" over the next two years, mapping a strategy of defensive investments to avoid wealth destruction. 

By Ambrose Evans-Prichard

In a report entitled "Worst-case debt scenario", the bank's asset team said state rescue packages over the last year have merely transferred private liabilities onto sagging sovereign shoulders, creating a fresh set of problems.

Overall debt is still far too high in almost all rich economies as a share of GDP (350pc in the US), whether public or private. It must be reduced by the hard slog of "deleveraging", for years.

"As yet, nobody can say with any certainty whether we have in fact escaped the prospect of a global economic collapse," said the 68-page report, headed by asset chief Daniel Fermon. It is an exploration of the dangers, not a forecast.

Under the French bank's "Bear Case" scenario (the gloomiest of three possible outcomes), the dollar would slide further and global equities would retest the March lows. Property prices would tumble again. Oil would fall back to $50 in 2010.

Governments have already shot their fiscal bolts. Even without fresh spending, public debt would explode within two years to 105pc of GDP in the UK, 125pc in the US and the eurozone, and 270pc in Japan. Worldwide state debt would reach $45 trillion, up two-and-a-half times in a decade.

(UK figures look low because debt started from a low base. Mr Ferman said the UK would converge with Europe at 130pc of GDP by 2015 under the bear case).

The underlying debt burden is greater than it was after the Second World War, when nominal levels looked similar. Ageing populations will make it harder to erode debt through growth. "High public debt looks entirely unsustainable in the long run. We have almost reached a point of no return for government debt," it said.

News story continues....  (telegraph.co.uk)


Saturday, November 13, 2010

AWAKENING by Douglas Mallette (Parts 1 - 4)

This is a documentary by Douglas Mallette which points out the problems we face today, why they exist, and how to truly solve them once and for all. He discuss technology, why it is so important in our daily lives and how we can use it to improve our lives. He also goes into the topic of scarcity and why it exists. Please feel free to promote this video and so that we can educate the world.

Reference:  TruthTheory.org


Abou Ben Adhem

by Leigh Hunt

Abou Ben Adhem (may his tribe increase!)
...Awoke one night from a deep dream of peace,

And saw, within the moonlight of his room,
Making it rich, and like a lily in bloom,
An angel writing in a book of gold:-

Exceeding peace had made Ben Adhem bold,
And to the presence in the room he said,
'What writest thou?' - The vision raised its head,
And with a look made of all sweet accord,
Answered 'The names of those who love the Lord.'

'And is mine one?' said Abou. 'Nay, not so,'
Replied the angel. Abou spoke more low,

But cheerly still; and said 'I pray thee then,
Write me as one that loves his fellow-men.'

The angel wrote, and vanish'd. The next night
It came again with a great wakening light,
And showed the names who love of God had
bless'd, And lo!  Ben Adhem's name led led
all the rest.


Alan Bounville: 11th Day of the Civil Rights Fast

I absolutely LOVE YOU Alan, Ianna and Daniel Choi!!  You are my true brothers and sisters, and my family.  Many people are maligning you now, because Truth is upsetting the perceived status quo that they have created and nurtured as a way to maintain control for their own selfish ends, to the detriment of LGBT Americans.  For some, maybe its because they simply do not understand.  But they will, eventually.

God is blessing all of you, because you are telling the truth, and through your work the United States of America has an opportunity to choose the right path and become a better place for all people, and regain some of the respect that it has lost.

Through this small miracle that it seems many people are not able to understand yet, I have found three real people with courage and commitment to Truth and Justice, who really know what Love is.  I am 100% with you!

~Madison Reed

See also:
Letter to Senator Gillibrand (tobygrace.wordpress.com)


Why American gay activists are fasting for the American Equality Bill

By J. Todd Fernandez

As the originator of the American Equality Bill (AEB) Project, it’s been quite a personal journey toward acceptance of the fast by Alan Bounville and Iana Di Bona, called the Civil Rights Fast, now in its 12 day. It’s 12th Day!

Iana Di Bona and Alan Bounville
Before the fast began on November 2nd, the AEB Project was fully invested in stirring the election cycle with the QueerSOS, an action designed to push the issue of our civil rights in the NY Senatorial race. The QueerSOS was intended to ideally secure the filing of the AEB, but also to demonstrate the importance of an active movement pushing an LGBT agenda during election cycles.

This idea counters converntional wisdom. For decades, the LGBT movement has embraced an election strategy of “electing friends” and “supporting supporters” which is effectively a DNC electoral mindset that has coopted our ethical allegence, preempting a singularity of loyalty to our issues and cause.

Serving two masters is a recipe for conflicts of interest, and indisputably, at election time, the DNC’s mandate prevails, while pushing democratic candidates to bigger goals – or holding them accountable for failing to deliver – is not only disfavored, but actively and agressively discouraged on the ground.

As a result of this mentality, the QueerSOS came under tremendous assault from NY activists, spearheaded by The Power On Line which has its own lingering civil-rights back-room strategy, and individual activists from Nevada to D.C. to Seattle.

Whether standing down or agressively undermining AEB activists, this opposition kept bodies from the QueerSOS which held a daily vigil outside of Senator Gillibrand’s campaign office from September 27 to November 2, the longest-running vigil for LGBT equality in history.

The major LGBT media, bloggers, newspapers and magazines seemed equally intent on hushing any challenge from the new movement to Senator Gillibrand on our future interests. Her strong support for the singularity of DADT repeal was enough, despite its pending passage and the length of a senate-term. Enough for most, but not all.

As a strategist, in light of this aggressive internal opposition, my inclination was to recalculate any plans for a fast, which Alan has been determined to do since a personal revelation months ago. During the QueerSOS, Iana DiBona felt drawn to fast herself. Her personal charm to my mind made her the perfect poster child for the fast, someone who might offer the mother-madonna visual, someone loved by all the disparate voices that had assailed the QueerSOS and personally attacked me and Alan for it, but Alan was decided and could not be deterred.

Like so many who disagree with strategy, I distanced myself from Alan and even the QueerSOS that I had spent months laying the ground work for. His steamrolling attitude and indifferent ego was alienating. He lacked any respect for collaboration, and expected everyone to just follow in his wake. It was unbearable.

But here we are on Day 12 of his fast, and his determination has melted my heart. For I share his desperation, but not his reckless determination. I shared his goal, but not his leadership. Ultimately, although I dreamed of the AEB filing in November, I wasn’t willing to sacrifice my logic for our purpose. I was wrong.

Story continues

Where is Kirsten?  (where-is-kirsten.blogspot.com)
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SOS!  Bi-national same gender couples need your help!  (blog.lotusopening.com)

Reference:  http://www.CivilRightsFast.com/


Thursday, November 11, 2010

Day 10 of a Gay American's Fast for Civil Rights for the LGBT Community of the United States

By Madison Reed

Iana Di Bona and Alan Bounville are two more American heroes who deserve our love and support, rather than derision.  They certainly have mine.

It is extremely offensive to me to read comments from our own LGBT community that casts doubt on their sincerity or wisdom, that threaten them, and make excuses for any politician who has been stalling for our rights for any reason.  Any politician who isn't calling for immediate emergency relief for LGBT Americans, isn't our friend or ally.  No more time is needed to build any consensus or support to give LGBT Americans their civil rights!

Alan Bounville is fasting for the civil rights of LGBT Americans, because he has chosen to live truthfully in LOVE rather than to serve a the BIG heterosexual supremacist bigot LIE that forces us to deny our reality and live a false life separated from LOVE.

Their demands are very simple and easy to fulfill.  They want their Senator Kristen Gillibrand or another Representative in Congress, to file the American Equality Bill or similar legislation that will amend the 1964 Civil Right Act to include "Sexual Orientation" and "Gender Identity."

Reference:  http://civilrightsfast.com

Letter to Senator Gillibrand (tobygrace.wordpress.com)
SOS! Bi-national same-gender Couples need your help (blog.lotusopening.com)


Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Wernher von Braun's warning about government deception concerning our Extraterrestrial Brothers

Carol Rosin was the spokesperson for German Rocket scientist, Wernher von Braun in the mid-1970s. In her speech at the original Disclosure Project press conference 10 years ago, she reveals what von Braun said were the long-term plans and motivations behind an eventual "UFO Announcement" by the US and other world governments.

"First," he told her it was going to be justified by the threat from "the Russians," next, it would be from "the Terrorists," then, from the so-called "Rogue Nations." Eventually, "asteroids" would be to blame. The final card to be played would be "the Extraterrestrials"...

Wernher von Braun told her "We could replace the war industry with a space industry, that could provide the benefits of non-polluting technologies.  We could end the arms race without dislocating the industry jobs, without disrupting the economy, by transforming the war industry into a global, cooperative space industry that will provide more jobs and profits on this planet than during any hot or cold wartime; more products and services that can be applied directly to the problems of this planet."


Monday, November 1, 2010

Has an Irish filmmaker discovered a time-traveler in a 1928 Charlie Chaplain movie?

By George Clark

This short film is about a piece of footage I (George Clarke) found behind the scenes in Charlie Chaplins film 'The Circus'. Attending the premiere at Manns Chinese Theatre in Hollywood, CA - the scene shows a large woman dressed in black with a hat hiding most of her face, with what can only be described as a mobile phone device - talking as she walks alone.

I have studied this film for over a year now - showing it to over 100 people and at a film festival, yet no-one can give any explanation as to what she is doing.

My only theory - as well as many others - is simple... a time traveler on a mobile phone. See for yourself and feel free to leave a comment on your own explanation or thoughts about it.