Thursday, April 30, 2009

Same-Sex Bi-National Couples and U.S. Immigration Law

"United by Love" video, thanks to Lee Danner

Out of Germany we have a great video about how U.S. immigration law is applied differently to Americans in same-sex relationships with their foreign partners. Unlike their heterosexual American counterparts, gay and lesbian Americans are not permitted under U.S. immigration law to sponsor their foreign life partners to immigrate to the United States. They're either forced to uproot their lives and leave their families to live as exiles in a third country that will welcome them, or must endure the cruelty of forced separation living in two different countries.

Please watch "United by Love," along with "Uniting American Families Act - F.A.Q." video #2, and contact your representatives in the House and Senate of Congress to urge them to join in co-sponsorship of the Uniting American Families Act.

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Lee Danner said...

Thank you for participating, Madison- and for all your support!



lotusopening said...

Your video is receiving a huge response, Lee. Thank you!