Saturday, April 25, 2009

UAE Royal Sheikh Implicated by Video of Torture

Sheikh Issa bin Zayed al-Nahyan, brother of United Arab Emirate's Crown Prince Sheikh Mohammed, has been caught brutally torturing a man over a missing load of grain worth about $5,000. Sheikh al Nahyan record his torture himself. It was smuggled out of the UAE by Houston, TX businessman Bassam Nabulsi, a former associate of Al Nahyan's, who claims he was incarcerated and tortured by the UAE police, headed by the brother of the UAE's Crown Prince, in an attempt to get him (Nabulsi) to turn over his copy of al-Nahyan's torture video, to hide his crimes from the rest of the world.

The United Arab Emirates puts on the image of being a modern, tolerant business and investment mecca for western people and people the world over, in the midst of an otherwise risky or inhospitable Middle-East. Watch wealthy Sheikh Issa bin Zayed Al Nahyan mercilessly torture a helpless grain merchant from his royal ranch on the outskirts of Abu Dhabi and you be the judge about the United Arab Emirates. Please be warned that this video is brutal and very graphic. Parts of it have been removed because it was too shocking.

“The incidents depicted in the video tapes were not part of a pattern of behavior,” the Interior Ministry’s statement declared.

The Minister of the Interior is also one of Sheikh Issa’s brother.

The government statement said its review found “all rules, policies and procedures were followed correctly by the Police Department.”

Read the original story here, by Investigative News Correspondent Brian Ross

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