Saturday, November 13, 2010

Alan Bounville: 11th Day of the Civil Rights Fast

I absolutely LOVE YOU Alan, Ianna and Daniel Choi!!  You are my true brothers and sisters, and my family.  Many people are maligning you now, because Truth is upsetting the perceived status quo that they have created and nurtured as a way to maintain control for their own selfish ends, to the detriment of LGBT Americans.  For some, maybe its because they simply do not understand.  But they will, eventually.

God is blessing all of you, because you are telling the truth, and through your work the United States of America has an opportunity to choose the right path and become a better place for all people, and regain some of the respect that it has lost.

Through this small miracle that it seems many people are not able to understand yet, I have found three real people with courage and commitment to Truth and Justice, who really know what Love is.  I am 100% with you!

~Madison Reed

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