Thursday, November 11, 2010

Day 10 of a Gay American's Fast for Civil Rights for the LGBT Community of the United States

By Madison Reed

Iana Di Bona and Alan Bounville are two more American heroes who deserve our love and support, rather than derision.  They certainly have mine.

It is extremely offensive to me to read comments from our own LGBT community that casts doubt on their sincerity or wisdom, that threaten them, and make excuses for any politician who has been stalling for our rights for any reason.  Any politician who isn't calling for immediate emergency relief for LGBT Americans, isn't our friend or ally.  No more time is needed to build any consensus or support to give LGBT Americans their civil rights!

Alan Bounville is fasting for the civil rights of LGBT Americans, because he has chosen to live truthfully in LOVE rather than to serve a the BIG heterosexual supremacist bigot LIE that forces us to deny our reality and live a false life separated from LOVE.

Their demands are very simple and easy to fulfill.  They want their Senator Kristen Gillibrand or another Representative in Congress, to file the American Equality Bill or similar legislation that will amend the 1964 Civil Right Act to include "Sexual Orientation" and "Gender Identity."


Letter to Senator Gillibrand (
SOS! Bi-national same-gender Couples need your help (


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