Friday, February 24, 2017

Seeing with the Eye of Oneness and Embracing the Spirit of Allowance

All crises and disagreements among peoples, political parties, religions and national governments are temporary. There are numerous reasons for this. For one, because we have 7 billion different brains on the planet, it's only natural that we each perceive our universe in billions of different ways. We have different histories, different needs, and unavoidable differences in our paths of evolution. What is most important though, is that we raise our hearts and vision above all these temporary differences, and see that we are one incredibly amazing species, all connected. And we are blessed to be living on one beautiful, living planet. But it is only ONE planet.

We all have the ability to see with the eye of oneness, and fully embrace the spirit of allowance. Our brothers and sisters can be different than we are, without any need for us to feel fear, rage and hatred. Seeing with the eye of oneness and living in the spirit of allowance, connects us to the great universal Love, and fills us with optimism. If we are detached from insisting that our religion, our holy book, our nation, our race, our political party, or our way is the best and only solution for our nation or the human race, we can find exhilaration in all forms of free speech; in protests for change; in criticism, because we know that the non-violent clash of differing opinions is giving us the opportunity to shed away what has become useless, and moving us closer to a better future.

Honestly, do you really believe that any opinion, idea, belief or even scientific discovery, will be valid ten thousand years from now? How about a half a million years from now? If you believe in a god, do you really believe that a creator of universes and dimensional realities would endorse any Earth-based religion, or align itself with any political party or the ideology behind any ethnic struggle, when there are possibly trillions of populated worlds with their similar sets of struggles? Humans at their best, only dimly understand the reality of even a grain of sand on a beach.

Be detached from everything except your quest for the infinite. Follow the Light.

If we only allow the Light to guide our hearts, stop fearing, and release our insistence that the way forward must always rigidly conform to our current beliefs, we will succeed beyond our greatest and most wonderful dreams.

~Madison Reed

Artwork from Mandala Visualization Portal.  Artist unknown.


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