Thursday, January 26, 2017

The Time for the Emergence of a New Earth Civilization is Now

by Madison Reed

If a sizeable number of Humans--and that includes a percentage of people who head our religions, governments and corporate bodies--would begin aligning themselves completely to the discovery of how to create fulfilled and happy lives here on Earth--and if they would make that their religion and their plan, and spread the new knowledge throughout the world, in a very short period of time humanity could bring about a new Earth civilization where every person would be free and content, with enough resources to pursue their dreams. And I believe the time for doing that is now.
I'd like to express in another, visual way, my own inner yearning about this sacred task we have at hand, through a beautiful
Pinterest photo essay of children all over the world called "Les Yeux des Enfant Autour du Monde":

How can we not look at these beautiful children and not see ourselves in them?  And not feel Love's fire and a sting that goes to the center of our heartsWe know that we must close the old cycle dominated by greed and scarcity; prejudice and war; ignorance and poverty.  Working as individuals and as a collective, we must take bold, historic action that leads to the removal of all the false barriers to human progress that have been oppressing us from the beginning of our time on Earth. This isn't the horse and buggy era. We're living in an age where interstellar travel no longer sounds unrealistic; where time-travel, access to limitless free energy, and cures for terrible diseases and radical expansion of longevity are likely possibilities.

For millennia we have been divided and sub-divided by numerous false prejudices that have arrived always in the garb of holiness or patriotism; by social, cultural and economic differences; by either having access to an abundance of energy and knowledge or a lack of it, and by geographic isolation.

Now is THE TIME, the portal is open for all humanity to emerge from our former limitations that have caused so much sorrow. If you really think about it, and are honest--haven't you been living in a sad, moldy shack of conscious awareness for most of your life, in comparison to what the Universe may have available for all of us to receive? Kick down those walls and come into the sunshine.

We must begin peacefully demanding to our world leaders that this is the kind of new Earth civilization we want now. ~Madison Reed


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