Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Dear President Hassan Rouhani: Prepare Iran for the Spring of Springs

Nasir ul-Mulk Mosque, Iran       
President Hassan Rouhani حسن روحانی, prepare Iran for the Spring of springs now knocking at the door!

Go ahead and invite the chefs, the musicians and calligraphers; gather the tea, the saffron, the fruits and sweet rice, the flowers and attar, build the fires, and prepare the greatest feast for your nation. Hurry! Fill beloved Iran with flowers; roses, hyacinth, jasmine. Plant orchards of every variety of fruit like never before.

You've suffered enough. Your land is going to be healed. Your centuries of mourning will be over. The balm of true loving Justice and divine Light IS GOING TO FLOW FROM YOUR NATION.

Assemble all your broken-hearted, your separated, your feared and despised, and those who have almost lost every ray of hope, and get them ready, because your Beloved is near.

It is certain. Iran will be a Paradise for the world.


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