Saturday, July 25, 2009

Wise words of counsel from an Iranian American

By Faramarz Fateh:

For those of us living in the U.S. we cannot forget the 8 years of Bush monarchy. Besides being a moron, Bush was a devout born again Christian with beliefs and ideas that defied common sense. For example, he stopped funding research on embryonic stem cell which delayed meaningful results by years not only for U.S. citizens, but for most of the world.

Why did he stop the funding? Because according to born again nut jobs, harvesting stem cells from embryos which will probably end up in the toilet after a while was the same as killing babies. These same nut jobs don't have any problems bombing the crap out of Iraqi civilians. They justify these killings as collateral damage. In the words of the great John Stewart, "Right wingers will defend life with all they got until its born".

While it is Ironic to see Khomeini's grand son opposing theocracy, some credit needs to be given to him because he is on the right track. Only God knows why he is against theocracy; perhaps because he was excluded from the good old boys network. No matter what is the reason he deserves some credit because none of the other clerics have declared anything even close to this.

Khomeini's grandson and scores of Iranians must constantly be reminded that we must not stop at ending theocracy alone; NO! We must fight until Islam is pushed way back into the background of daily life. Islamic ideals and culture has set Iran back hundreds of years, if not more. Whoever wants to practice Islam could do so in the privacy of their homes. No more mosques because these places are cesspools of corruption of all kind. No more Friday prayers, no more "Besmellah e rahman ...... " and Allah and religous symbols in public places, at the top of government letterheads etc.

Islam in Iran should be treated like the Nazism in Germany. A new constitution should include this provision or else Islam will raise its ugly head just like it did in 1980.

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