Tuesday, July 14, 2009

A Letter to The White House from an Iranian-American

President Obama,

As an Iranian America citizen I feel obligated to express my feeling of discomfort about the recent positions the Whitehouse has taken towards Iran:

Mr. President Obama,

As a proud Iranian-American citizen and as a voter for change and hope in the last election, I feel obligated to express my feeling of discomfort about the position that Whitehouse has taken in reacting to the recent uprisings in Iran.

How can we claim to be on the side of freedom and democracy, when we see those brave Iranian boys and girls who are ready to die for their basic human rights and not support them explicitly? How can we hold back our full support from a democratic movement which by all means and all definitions is on the right side of the history?

Just because we are entering into a negotiation with the government of Iran, is not a good enough reason to turn our back on the uprising of the Iranian people who are fighting for their basic human rights.

History of Islamic Republic of Iran shows that it does not have any respect for other countries,or the people of Iran, therefore they do not deserve a respected place in the international community. Indeed The ranking they deserve is not more than what AlGhaedeh deserves, because they both are terrorists. The difference is that Islamic Republic of Iran is older and is the government of a country.

Just because we do not want our plans of negotiations with Iranian government be interrupted, we should not stay silent and wait to see how the conflict is going to play out, as America should have not waited to see how the conflict in Rwanda was going to play out. We must give our full support to the people who are struggling for their basic rights.

Mr. President, in the last few weeks since the street demonstrations have started in the streets of all the cities in Iran, I have talked to many Iranian- American relatives, friends, and associates about the recent events in Iran and about our role in these perilous times. They all believe in full support from your administration.

America cannot afford to stay silent and do not say the right things just because the enemy might use that as a sign of interfering in their internal affairs. In another words we cannot be limited to what they like to hear from us. The irony is that they are going to put the blame on American government even if we play the game by their own rules. During the cold war we were negotiating with the soviets and were supporting the freedom movements of the Eastern Europe at the same time and we can do it again.

In spite of the long conflict between Iranian and American government, Iranian people have favored America continuously, and relate to our society more than any other nation. Just like us they have big hopes and dreams, hopes and dreams, that they know they cannot achieve under the back warded regime of Islamic Republic of Iran.

We are not saying the movement destiny is depending on American support, but we have to stay on the side of what is right and humane. We are hoping you give the voice of Iranian-American voice a serious consideration.

Thank you Mr. Presidentand God bless you.

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