Thursday, July 16, 2009

Remembering Mostafa Ghanian: An angel of the Iranian Revolution

Our brother Mostafa Ghanian was an engineering grad student at Tehran University, from Mashhad, Iran. Some reports indicate that Mostapha was shot by the Iranian Basij militia. Others indicate that he was brutally murdered by an axe attack by a Basiji who thrust an axe into his heart, during a Monday night, June 14th Basiji attack on students at the Tehran University Dormitories. No doubt, Mostafa suffered both fates. The axe attack is highly likely, because I have seen the horrific photo of Mostafa's body with his flesh cleaved and gaping open over his heart. I didn't post the link to that photo, because it was very graphic, and might be too shocking for people to see. After their attack on our little brother, the evil SOB's threw his body over the balcony into the street.

Mostafa was buried in his home city of Mashhad, on June 21st. The religious authorities allowed his parents to receive his body only after they agreed to remain silent about his murder to the media.

The mullahs have extinguished Mostafa's voice. It no longer joins the the chants of "Allah'u'akbar" (God is Great) that we've heard vibrating powerfully through Tehran's night air. Mostafa's prayer has definitely been answered and magnified many times over. Now, his praise of God is heard around the planet. His bravery and honor, his love and powerful youthful spirit has enriched his country and ennobled his country. His spirit has reached America and elevated our consciousness; has been felt by the Uighur women of Xinjiang; has emboldened the democratic youth of oppressed Belarus and given them hope; has comforted the gay and lesbian men and women in Islamic countries who suffer more than any, and will continue to resonate and penetrate and crack every ugly wall that separates all of us from each other and deprives us of our humanity and happiness.

Mostafa my brother, I love you!!! Pray for the world!

Madison Reed

پیکر مصطفی غنیان تحت تدابیر شدید به خاک سپرده شد

پیکر مصطفی غنیان دانشجوی مهندسی روز پنج شنبه تحت تدابیر شدید امنیتی در حرم امام رضا (ع) به خاک سپرده شد.این درحالی بود که از زمان کشته شدن مصطفی ، نیروهای امنیتی از تحویل جنازه او تا گرفتن تعهد از خانواده نامبرده جلوگیری کرده بودند.در این مراسم که شماری از مردم تحت عنوان وابستگان آن مرحوم شرکت داشتند هیچکدام از دانشجویان حضور نداشتند.شایان ذکر است این دانشجوی ترم آخر بعد از شنیدن صدای شلیک گلوله در حوالی میدان آزادی به بالای پشت بام محل سکونت خود رفته بود که با تیراندازی نیروهای بسیج به شهادت رسید.
روحش شاد و یادش گرامی باد

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