Thursday, July 16, 2009

"Hypocrisy" by Dr. Stanley Toussaint

Beautiful serendipity flows through and pervades everything in Creation. It connects every being to the others and all beings to the Source of knowledge and life. It is evidence of the universal law of attraction. "A man reaps what he sows." (Apostle Paul) "As above, so below." (Hermes Trismegistus) Our thoughts and feelings attract us to more of the same. (Law of Attraction: The Secret)

Even picking up local pastor Gary Hinchman's card, that I found sitting on a ledge yesterday at our downtown Huntington, WV Starbuck's cafe where I often spend my mornings, led me to Gary's website, which in turn led me to learn about this outstanding teacher, Dr. Stanley Toussaint, and then on to posting his video in my blog so that a new group of people all over the world can be enriched by it - is and example of our interconnectedness and the Law of Attraction at work.

Dr. Toussaint, is a Christian theologian. He's senior professor emeritus of Bible Exposition, and adjunct professor in Bible Exposition at Dallas Theological Seminary. In January he recorded a video called "Hypocrisy," that's well worth listening to. In it, Dr. Toussaint teaches from an enlightened biblical perspective, about what Jesus likely understood hypocrisy to mean, and why hypocrisy was considered the most loathsome of all sins. Toussaint's talk was both illuminating and uplifting to me. If only hateful Christian rightwingers could see and embrace biblical wisdom through the light of the Spirit the way Toussaint does, and wouldl live their lives as Christ exemplified, they wouldn't be busy destroying the Christian religion and the lives of so many other people. Toussaint speaks about the real meaning behind the Ten Commandments - a meaning that much of the Church has forgotten. It's fascinating. I believe the purpose of all religious laws that are received through divine inspiration, is to bring more love into the world - not more fear and hardship.

Not a Christian myself, and often filled with anger (and I'm working on that, because it's not healthy) over what the hate cults do in the name of Jesus, and have done to me as a gay man, Toussaint's video reminds me of the stark black against dazzling white contrast between the hate cults and the beloved Jesus - and that Christianity may still yet help heal the world of its pain. Now listen well to good Christian wisdom. Stan, we appreciate your faith!

~Madison Reed

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