Sunday, June 14, 2009

Mousavi's Letter to the Iranian People

From Al-Jazeera

Fellow countrymen,

I am receiving news about objections to the declared results of the latest elections, from all over the country. I am certain that these reactions are not for my personal sake, but it's due to concern about a new way of political life that is being forced on our country.

The actions that we have witnessed in these few days has been unprecedented in the Islamic Republic.

If the people are following these present developments with a sense of worry, it's because of their deep worry for the great achievements of their revolution being in danger.

Those who with the assistance of many violations have declared unbelievable results for the presidential elections, are now trying to establish those results and start a new period of our country's history.

I have repeatedly, during the course of these elections, have spoken of dangers of escaping from the law and have emphasised that this method might result in tyranny and dictatorship, and today our nation is standing at a point that finds this prospect tangable.

We, as those who are loyal to the Islamic Republic and its constitutional laws, consider the Holy Jurisdiction one of the fundamentals of this regime and follow the political movements within legal frameworks.

I hope the progress of the new events would show the mistake in this impression and, at the same time, we warn that in this country no one who likes the Islamic Republic would accept this method, and this is what demands the bloods of hundreds of thousands of our martyrs to be responsible against it.

Dear people, today, in a letter that I presented to The Guardian Council, I have asked for the annulment of the results of the latest elections and I know this to be the only resolution for gaining the public confidence and the support of the people for the government.

My repeated suggestion as your servant is that you continue your civil and legal opposition all around the country, in a calm manner and observing anti-conflict fundamentals.

We have asked the responsible people to issue a permit for a mass rally in all the cities in Iran so that the people will have an opportunity to show their opposition towards the results of these elections and the way it was conducted.

The authorities agreement could be the best resolution for restraining the present tensions.

Let's not abandon the green colour which is a symbol of spirituality, freedom and religious mentality and moderateness and the Allah O Akbar slogan that tells us of revolutionary roots.

This is the colour and slogan that is still unifying our nation and will be the best measure to connect our hearts and needs.

Sadly, an extensive effort has is being used to to cut off our means of communication with each other, and it is not noticed that that the blocking of these lines would change the nature of the organised and goal-driven reactions to, God-forbidding, change into blind actions.

I am certain that your creativity would result in new and effective ways of communication so that we could use our actions in a beneficial way for the country and the revolution.

As someone who likes the police, I recommend them avoid harsh reactions towards people's self-motivated actions and not let the people's trust to this worthy organ be damaged.

These people have come to the scene to to demand both their, and your, rights and they are your brothers and sisters. The power of the police and military forces of our country has always lied in their unity with the people and it will be the same in the future.

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