Friday, May 22, 2009

An Open Letter to Senator Dianne Feinstein from a Homo West Virginian

"I believe that American justice is what makes this country strong in the eyes of the world. American justice is what people believe separates the United States from other countries. And American justice has to be applied to everyone, because if it isn't, we then become hypocrites in the eyes of the world."
~Senator Dianne Feinstein in her address to the Senate about the problem of where to move the Guantanamo detainees, May 20, 2009

Madison Reed
Huntington, WV

May 22, 2009

Dear Senator Feinstein,

Your words resonated deeply within me yesterday, as you addressed the Senate and told them that "American justice has to be applied to everyone, or we become hypocrites in the eyes of the world." Even a few tears came to my eyes.

In your advocacy for equal justice, for even non-American detainees alleged by the Bush administration to be terrorists, you were highlighting a part of America's historic purpose, not only expressed countless times by our people from the beginning of our nationhood, but written into our laws: equal protection, fairness and justice for every human being.

What saddened me when I heard your fair words, is my knowledge that America is a hypocritical nation. Why not just say that? You know it's the truth! Rarely has our country ever voluntarily embraced the noble human and spiritual values that it has proclaimed to the world and insisted that others follow.

No, it's only through the intensely painful struggles and great sacrifice by countless of America's mostly forgotten heroes; from Native Americans; from the Peoples of various European ethnicities; from the handicapped; from transgendered Americans; from Black Americans, Latin Americans, homosexuals, bisexuals; and the list goes on an on, that America has been nearly always FORCED to walk its talk. Dangerous protests, expensive and lengthy litigation, and the loss of property and lives, are the price that we have paid for equality.

Last month, when you intervened and temporarily stopped Shirley Tan's vicious and unjust deportation from the United States, a horrible situation that existed solely because she is a lesbian who has a wife and two children - and that's offensive to the American government - we were definitely grateful to you. Not only because so many people were praying that Shirley's family would stay together, but because we represent untold numbers of LGBT Americans, their friends and family members just like Shirley Tan and Jay Mercado, who are just barely managing to survive the effects of discrimination. We thought that saving Shirley would send a strong message to our government that it must deal with discrimination against the LGBT community, immediately. The LGBT community is living in a state of emergency. Our lives and families are in danger. The effects of ugly, lethal state-sponsored discrimination against us, fueled by a seditious religious cult that masquerades itself as the Cause of Jesus Christ, who have "foreign" agents hostile to the interests of the United States working as elected officials from the federal level down to the local level, with America in their death lock, must be brought to an end quickly.

I'm a good American Citizen. I live in West Virginia. My life partner lives in the Republic of Belarus. I've never benefited from equal protection or full equality from either the state of West Virginia or from the federal government, only because I'm gay.

Christianity, the faith that I first embraced, has betrayed me; the community of followers of Baha'u'llah, the Baha'i Faith, has betrayed me; my elected representatives in Congress for West Virginia have all received my letters over the years, but have done nothing to help me; President Obama relocates and gives green cards to tens of thousands of foreign refugees and will not even mention the plight of gay Americans and their foreign partners, and I'm forced by the federal government to live a lonely life away from the man I love year after passing year, enduring disabling financial hardships and life shortening emotional and physical stress from being separated from my beloved life partner in Belarus.  Since I'm not part of the heterosexual class acceptable to the dangerous Yahweh religious cult that masquerades itself as the religion of Jesus Christ that has the American government by its throat, I'm not permitted to sponsor my partner for permanent residency. In fact, even admitting that he's my partner can be used as evidence against me to deny him a visitor's visa to see me!  We're homos!  We insult so-called "Christianity." This is the reason the government of the United States is not helping us!

Every day I have to hear insults, slurs, slander and threats against my gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender brothers and sisters.  Nearly every day one of us is killed by an angry bigot somewhere in the world.  Hundreds of gay and lesbian American soldiers like Lt. Daniel Choi, II Lt. Sandy Tsao, and Lt. Colonel Victor Fehrenbach, who have honorably served in America's military have been discharged because they are gay.  They have true honor, but the people who fired them are liars and have no honor. The people who know about the problem and do nothing to stop it are even worse. All of this is a deep insult to me.

Discrimination waged against LGBT Americans is fathomless, and we are sick and tired of it.  Fairness does not exist in America for our class.

So I'd like to ask you Senator Feinstein, to tell me what you really meant when you told the Senate yesterday that, "American justice has to be applied to everyone, because if it isn't, we then become hypocrites in the eyes of the world."?

Do you believe that gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender Americans are a part of that "everyone" class?

When are you, your colleagues in Congress, and President Obama, - our elected representatives - going to apply those same high standards of justice so that we can benefit from them too - the ones that you said should even apply to non-American terrorists?

There are no more excuses for any further denial of our rights. We deserve full equality. I hope bloggers and journalists read my letter and help me circulate it, so that you and other members of the government might see it, and answer my questions through action.


I am a supporter of:
Melanie Nathan, Private Courts, Inc.
StoptheDeportations - The DOMA Project
Masliah & Soloway
MarriageEquality USA
National Center for Lesbian Rights
International Lesbian & Gay Association
Amnesty International


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