Wednesday, May 13, 2009

God's Hands

By Madison Reed

This morning I was having a delightful conversation with an older, enlightened ex-hippie gentleman of the shamanic variety - a man named Edison. He's a wanderer and a philosopher of sorts. Edison and I come from very different backgrounds and generations, but we were speaking the same language, about topics that ranged from psychotropic compounds in plants, to the Rome-created Christ-cult we call Christianity. It was amazing that our two paths have led us to the same essential conclusions about the most important things of life.

Edison and I crossed paths quite a while ago. One day, he walked in to visit me while I was working at my spirit, mind and body wellness store called New Earth Resource Company, located in Huntington, West Virginia. That was probably a year ago. Many incredible people have been coming to see me over the years. Edison and I had a nice exchange that day, and then I never saw him again until this morning.

Our conversation this morning centered around our common lifelong quest for happiness and enlightenment. It was about our conclusion that we're all One. That's were the power of humanity resides. Knowing this, is the fundamental most important reality, and it has the potential to unleash humanity's broken and forgotten power.

Not long into our conversation Edison pulled a lovely turquoise scarab necklace out from under his shirt. He recently purchased it from a local flea-market vendor. He said,

"Madison, I don't wear my scarab out in the open, because it might cause me problems with some of the Christians. I occasionally visit their churches, but they never want to learn anything. Can you believe that they don't even know who Horus is, or care to know?"
Horus was the Sun God, or "God the So[u]n," that many of the Gospel stories stemmed from, although the church changed the name of the ancient god Horus and substituted their god's name into the reconstructed Jesus Gospel stories.

We went on to discuss how religious and political institutions and their leaders have unceasingly resorted to acts of deception and fraud, violence and propaganda against human beings to keep them from discovering the truth about God and about what it really means to be a human being. Both of these secular institutions have led us away from our happiness and knowledge about our divine nature. They've beaten us down and raped us until we no longer realize how powerful we are. We look outside of ourselves for an invisible force to heal the problems of the world or our own personal problems, and to the state to solve the rest of the problems.  Most of us don't have a clue
how powerful we are any more.

I asked Edison, "Without human hands, how will God's Will ever be realized on Earth?, He understood what that question meant, and seemed to be happy that I was reminding him that he was powerful and wonderful, and that his unorthodox path that led him to greater happiness and freedom - and oneness consciousness - was more valid than thousands of years of church sermons.

Before Edison left me, I urged him to consider running for local political office, since good people who are the humble warriors for truth, are exactly who we need to elect. I promised to help him with his campaign should he ever decide to run. The phony hypocrites need to loose their power! We need to pull these suckers off the suck-line they attached to the body of humanity a long time ago.

Oh! One last thing: I remember saying to Edison that Christianity (the political religion "Christianity") "is a kingdom that's experiencing rapid disintegration now." Christianity was never about the figure we call "Jesus."

What we've come to know as Christianity is a synthetic religion that grew out of a Roman myth-collage of various ancient stories about Pagan gods (in particular, the Sun God Horus) and messiah figures that were circulating at the time, as well as stories about one called the Son of Man, and the Teacher of Righteousness.

All of those stories were combined with Roman state propaganda, inserted wherever needed. This, later became the New Testament. The message was created for Rome's benefit originally, but was later canonized and then adopted by the new believers in the new Roman religion, as God's indisputable, infallible Word. If there ever was an authentic written record about the life and teachings of the real spiritual figure behind the Church Christ myth, the Roman Catholic Church has likely hidden it away, locked inside their Vatican vaults, because they knew his truth would destroy them.  So although we hope the Gospels contain some of the actual words of the Son of Man, the collection is largely a Church-fabrication, containing at best his plagiarized statements credited to the Christ creation of the Roman Church.

Everything's connected. My encounter with Edison this morning caused me to notice the recent news article written by Jason Hancock of the Iowa Independent, about a Christian fundamentalist named Steven Deace, who hosts Iowa's largest radio talk show program. According to Hancock, Deace has been recently maligning Oprah Winfrey, calling her the "high-priestess of American paganism." He blames her for her promotion of Eckhart Tolle's book, "A New Earth," which he says "contradicts the teachings of the Bible." To Deace, Oprah is a religious cult-leader who's led people away from "moral absolutes," and "away from the eternal truth of God's word."

For some reason, I believe that's just a cover-up for Deace's outrage over Oprah's ever-increasing exposure of hateful Christian hypocrites, and her support of equality. What do you think?

On a final note, I'd like to quote Dr. Martin Luther King. He said,
"The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy."
As humanity's enlightenment process picks up pace, and the cultural war between love-centered spiritual people and hateful hypocrites who want to live in a past age becomes more intensified, it will be interesting to see how many prominent individuals, elected officials or leaders of religion, will come forward and help the new humanity's birthing process, and to join the swelling numbers of God's Hands, worldwide.

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There are many more links that I could add here. If you think of one, let me know and I'll add it. Please refer to my blog list, and other lists, and follow your feelings through the chain of Light that now connects all parts of the world. ~Madison Reed
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