Thursday, March 31, 2016

Don't be Afraid of the Rise of a New Global Political Reality, Reshaping the Entire World

by Madison Reed

I can feel the rise of a new political reality for the U.S.A. and Russian Federation.  You could call it the "R.U.S.A.".  
And this new reality is part of a larger, behind-the-scenes process that's reshaping everything that we currently think we know.  Just hold on to your britches and be optimistic!

Don't be fooled into thinking that Russia and the United States are heading toward any kind of real global conflict. This is only propaganda to appeal to the masses, for the maintenance of political power, and the continued funding of companies that manufacture military weaponry. The United States and the Russian Federation are actually secret allies. Be sure of it.

There is a future for the Human species that is dazzling, and we will likely make the leap to move into that future, as long as we REJECT AND STOP BUYING INTO THE OLD FAILED PARADIGM AND LIE that we are sinful creatures who cannot pull ourselves out of hopeless war and poverty consciousness.  Become the change that we want to see in the world.  (Mahatma Gandhi)

I firmly believe we're in store for good news, quite soon. The dark side of the global military-industrial complex is disintegrating and giving way to something that will be wonderful.  Stunning transformation is happening everywhere - even among those from the highest levels of power on our planet.  Finally there's a will to genuinely change the direction that humanity has been heading, toward an end of conflict and shortages, to a new age of endless fulfillment and peace. There are millions, or even hundreds of millions of Guardians for humanity, who are protectors, who will never sell out.  In fact, it's a certain impossibility for them to do so.

Look up and see the Light. Don't give up. The loneliness, the sadness and the insanity are nearing THE END.


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