Thursday, August 20, 2015

New Earth Resource Company's Madison Reed Believes Natural Therapies Could Help Former U.S. President Jimmy Carter Heal from Cancer

I love Jimmy Carter!  He's what I would call a real follower of the Spirit of Jesus, and an awesome example of a human being.

It's been so distressing to me to hear that President Carter, in his advanced age, now has to deal with cancer, and that he may be resorting to the use of treatments that could cause him further harm.  I hope someone reads this message who has contact with his family, to ask them to do three things immediately:

1) Contact the Burzynski Clinic, to see if Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski can help him before he undergoes tissue damaging treatments.

2) Do a serious investigation of the simple, harmless baking soda treatments proposed and studied by Italian oncologist, Dr. Tullio Simoncini, that have proven that common baking soda sends tumors packing, as long as you can expose the tumor cells to the high pH bicarbonates:

3) And finally, check out Haelan 951 made from special fermented soybeans containing isoflavones that promote apoptosis.  Haelan is available from a number of fine natural health suppliers across the country, including New Earth Resource Company in Huntington, West Virginia.  It tastes like liquid yeast (not too bad), and you can flavor it with honey or naturally flavored Stevia.

xx, ~Madison Reed

Haelan Products 

Former U.S. President Jimmy Carter Says Cancer Has Spread To His Brain

August 20, 2015 10:28 AM

Sounding upbeat and optimistic, Pres. Jimmy Carter told reporters this morning doctors have fully removed the cancer from his liver, but it has spread to four areas in his brain.

Carter said when he learned of the news, he thought he only had a few weeks to live, but was "surprisingly at ease." He suggested he expects to live longer, but said he is "ready for a new journey" should the cancer treatments not save his life. "Hope for the best and accept what comes," he said.
The former Democratic president detailed his expectations of his ability to continue his work at the Carter Center and other endeavors, such as  a trip to Nepal with Habitat For Humanity, which would require a five-week postponement of his last scheduled treatment. it would be his 33rd trip.

"I feel good" Carter says, adding he has "some pain" in his right shoulder, which doctors say is expected.

He also was quite frank and specific in his answers to reports' questions.

"At one time my family was the only one on earth that had four members with pancreatic cancer," Carter noted.

Carter, who said he will be 91 in October, said his message to other cancer patients is "one of hope and acceptance."

"The best thing I ever did was marrying Rosa," he said of his wife, Rosalynn Carter. "We have a growing family," he shared, "a good and harmonious family."

Carter, asked if there were anything during his life he wished he had done differently, he quipped he wished he had sent "one more helicopter to get the hostages" from Iran, he quipped. "We would have rescued them and I would have been re-elected," he added, smiling. Reporters laughed.

Image: Screenshot via NBC News


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