Tuesday, April 28, 2015

About Predestination and the Way You Create Your Future

The future is a blank canvas that you paint.

by Madison Reed

Nothing is predestined.  You create your future through your spirit, mind and body "trinity" interface.

"The best way to predict the future is to create it."  ~Abraham Lincoln

First, the power of attraction; through love, inspiration, or need, inclines your heart to seek something you seriously desire or need.

Then your mind sketches it in, your inner inner vision sees it and your inner voice hears it.

Your feelings, reinforced by your "seeing" and "hearing," amplify and enhance your thought-feelings.  Bundled together as one unit, this improved and intensified thought form radiates like a beacon and signals the Universe, causing the fundamental particles of the universe to respond, and "move" you from one universe and future into another universe and future, even though you can't see it happening.

Everybody continually moves from one universe into another universe, into another universe, and so on, all of their lives.  We all live in our own versions of the universe.  And they're all dynamic and changing, and woven seamlessly together and appear to be one orderly universe that we all perceive in common.  They both are, and are not.   We do and do not.  The universe IS ONE universe, but we continually reshape it, and we perceive it differently.

In accordance with the Universal Law of Attraction, the Universe ultimately gives you what you attract, whether positively or negatively.

So if your feelings, your inner and outer vision and hearing faculties, work optimally in sync rather than in opposition to the spirit, mind and body interface, and enough intensity and the right frequency is attained, then your wish is delivered to you, or a pathway is opened so that your efforts will soon yield your desired results!


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