Monday, January 19, 2015

ILLUMINATIAM: The First Testament of the Illuminati - a Beacon to the Human Species

ILLUMINATIAM: The First Testament of the Illuminati

by Madison Reed

Whether there is a god, or there isn't, one thing that is certain: we are all Human beings living on a breathtakingly beautiful planet. We're a planet of families and friends. We have limitless potential with our ever increasing refinement of knowledge, that can solve the global problems that are the roots to war, poverty and diseases, and can heal our Earth and change it into a paradise. If we are to reach a Golden Age of the human species, we must solve our problems that cause us to be divided.

If you're absolutely committed to the Light as I am and always have been, and you know and feel exactly what I mean by your exhausting journey that seems like a confusing maze deliberately designed to pull us away from discovering who and what we are; to dull the brilliant light of Truth, of Beauty, Love and Knowledge, and lead us toward a muddy hole - and you're ready to begin a new, higher level journey toward your fulfillment - then I invite you to connect with hope and wisdom contained in "Illuminatiam: The First Testament of The Illuminati."

'ILLUMINATIAM: THE FIRST TESTAMENT OF THE ILLUMINATI', is a timely call to humanity from those who refer to themselves as the ancient guardian-defenders and helpers of the Human species. The Testament is a beacon to awaken the distracted and confused masses, and the first wave of assurance to the pure-hearted followers of Light scattered throughout our planet - that the long awaited hope of Human civilization's birth to an endless Golden Age is at hand.

One thing that my life has taught me is that brilliant light is its own veil. As it is with physical light, until our "eyes" are acclimated to the intensity of spiritual Light - we will not be able to see it very well or at all, and in fact, it can cause fear, imbalance and pain. This is why humanity's greatest scientists, sages, artists and prophets, were at first unrecognized, ridiculed or even hated by the people of their time.

As I was reading Illuminatiam, I sensed the seriousness and deep caring in the message. I also sensed deep and broad wisdom. I was both surprised and not surprised by the message's content, and in full agreement with almost every part of it. A few things, like the White Room, and the repetitive mention of "Money means nothing to those who print it." stood out to me as unusual mysteries about the message that I do not yet understand. I wonder if the White Room is meant to be literal, or a metaphor for something deeper and more complex that cannot yet be fully disclosed. And why wouldn't money also mean nothing to an enlightened human civilization that has moved beyond the limitations of technology and belief system attachments, into a world where the mass manipulation and obfuscation of truth, the rape of the biosphere, and the creation of war are non-existent?

I have been a follower of Light since I was a boy. As the Testament says, every event in my life seems to have been leading me to the discovery of my higher purpose, which I believe, was to serve the Light to help all beings. If the Illuminati are indeed the true guardians and helpers of the human species, and I suspect that they could be - then I am their permanent ally. If they are revealing themselves now as loving midwives to help the birth of our human civilization to a much higher order - then I will help them, and I will always be their guardian.


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