Friday, July 18, 2014

Could A Shake Up in the Command Structure of NORAD be Related to the Renting of All Cars in Colorado Springs by the Military?


by Madison Reed

Just a while ago I noticed a post from a Facebook friend titled "Whats Going On In Colorado Springs?All Rental Cars Taken By The Military" linked to  They had copied a post from - website of Christian doomsday survivalist and self-proclaimed prophet, author and national radio talk show host Steven Quayle.  One of his subscribers was referring to one of Quayle's Q-Alerts about lots of planes being reported flying into the Colorado Springs airport.  The subscriber name 'Robert' said that rental cars in Colorado Springs were not available for rent because they've all been rented by the U.S. military.  That was reported yesterday on the 16th.

Knowing that NORAD's headquarters is in Colorado Springs, it didn't take me long to find the following news about a shake up in NORAD command leadership announced today, July 17th, from Canada's CTV News in Winnipeg.   The announcement refers to a "shake-up of the command structure at Norad".  According to CTV, 17 Wing Major General David Wheeler has assumed command of the 1 Canadian Air Division and the Canadian Norad region, to replace Major General Pierre St-Amand, who is being sent to Colorado Spring to "serve as the Operations Officer for all North American aerospace defence command operations."

It is just a coincidence that the news of Major General Pierre St-Amand's move to Colorado Springs to serve as Operations Officer for all North American aerospace defense command operations, was released on the same day the Malaysian Flight MH17 was struck and destroyed by a missile allegedly to have originated from Russia, also falling on the 18th anniversary of the downing of TWA Flight 800, also on July 17, 1996....And that 17 Wind Major General David Wheeler assumed command of the 1 Canadian Air Division and the Norad region?  The repetition of the number 17 is interesting, isn't it?  Even if the confluence of these events is a mere coincidence, it still causes me to pay attention.  Perhaps the military simply rented up all the rental cars to attend a NORAD welcoming ceremony for Major General St-Amand.  Or maybe there may be something going on that we haven't been told.



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