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Be Ready to Download Your Free Interactive Smartphone App That Will Connect You to the Human Collective Consciousness

Founder, Adam Curry and research scientist, Dean Radin, with Consciousness discuss the Collective Consciousness Smartphone Application, coming to you in late 2014.
"A radical new technology to explore the power of consciousness and the nature of reality. The world's largest consciousness research project in a free app: coming late 2014."

The Collective Consciousness App

The Collective Consciousness App is a free mobile app designed to be a fun exploration of the nature of consciousness and reality, and the possibilities of creating a new consciousness technology. With this app, you can:
  • See if your mind has any influence on your physical environment
  • Participate in large-scale consciousness experiments
  • Help build a platform for developers and artists utilize this "consciousness technology" in their own projects, and even tap in to global consciousness data in real time to do cool stuff


Our purpose is to promote deeper thinking about consciousness, explore the boundaries between mind and reality through experiments, and help expand our technological horizon. We're not aiming to prove anything; this is a fun and interesting project into a subject that millions of people care about. But what we find may impact our society by giving us a better understanding of what it means to say "we're all connected."


Adam M. Curry
- founder
Dean Radin, PhD
- lead scientist at the Institute of Noetic Sciences
Roger Nelson, PhD
- founder of the Global Consciousness Project
Joey Primiani
- design advisor, founder of Backplane and Cortex
Robert Jahn, PhD
- Dean Emeritus, Princeton University School of Engineering
John Valentino
- founder of Psyleron
Michael Mazzola
- filmmaker and creative advisor
Brenda Dunne
- ICRL President and former PEAR lab manager
Adrian D. Nelson
- journalist and creative advisor
Julia Mossbridge, PhD
- cognitive neuroscientist, Northwestern University
Riz Virk
- creator of Tap Fish and Gameview Studios
Larry Dossey, MD
- author and past alternative medicine advisor to the NIH

How It Works

For several decades, labs like Princeton University's PEAR lab and the Institute of Noetic Sciences have been exploring how human minds can have an unexplained influence on chaotic systems, such as devices called physical random number generators (RNGs). How this influence works is still a mystery, but it suggests that consciousness is more deeply connected to the fabric of reality than previously thought.

New theories of consciousness are emerging that may help us to understand this mystery, and recently over 80 scientists (including a Nobel prize winner) called for more research into the field.

The Collective Consciousness App is the result of 3 years of R&D. When downloaded, the app converts hardware functions on your phone into a physical random number generator. This is what creates the chaotic system that may allow the influence of your mind to show up on your phone. This data is uploaded anonymously to our servers, where combined with everyone else's, we can create a living network of global consciousness information in real-time.

Global Consciousness Project

Going a step further, the Global Consciousness Project has found some intriguing evidence that RNGs spread around the world will often register similar effects when global events synchronize the attention of millions of people, such as the attacks of 9/11 (below).
Right: The combined output of global RNGs before, during, and after September 11, 2001.The odds that the overall Global Consciousness Project database is due to chance is less than one in one hundred billion. global consciousness project 911

Consciousness Technology?

Even though we don't fully understand these mysterious mind-matter effects, we think we know enough about it now to develop the first examples of a radically new kind of "Consciousness Technology." A technology that would work by harnessing this possible connection between mind and the fabric of reality.

What if video games could utilize the consciousness effects of players? What if location apps could display the average "emotional" impact of businesses and venues? What if art installations or concerts could tap into local or global consciousness data as part of the experience?

Eventually we want to make an API for developers to correctly utilize consciousness technology, and for other creators to access this global consciousness data for their own projects.

This app may help jumpstart the beginning of a fantastic technological future - one in which humans interact with computers or other machines in an entirely new way. This might bear upon ideas like the technological Singularity.

Things We Can Learn

Some organizations have claimed that mass meditation can have a small impact on the world... could an experiment with this app measure it? If mass consciousness effects are real, do they diminish with distance from a polarizing event, or do they follow more non-local principles? Does this shed any light on the wisdom traditions like Buddhism in the east, or Jungian psychology in the west? These are some of the questions we could start to answer with this project.

The App

Here's what we have planned for the initial app.

collective consciousness app 2


These screens will allow you to explore how your own mind might be influencing the chaotic system created in your phone. They are simply graphs of what the physical random number generator is doing from moment to moment.

There are two views here. The first is a non-technical view that shows you the "strength" of any influence detected in the RNG. You can maybe think of it as a sort of personal "mind meter."

The second is a technical view, that displays what the RNG is actually doing in statistical terms. This graph can help you determine the likelihood that your mind is related to the effect you see, and not simply chance. The straight line in the middle is the theoretical expectation (P=0.5); the two parabolas indicate the common P=0.05 threshold of significance.

collective consciousness app 3


The Collective screen is a real-time picture of global consciousness data, overlaid on a browsable map. It's essentially an aggregation of individual consciousness data from around the world. This screen can provide an intriguing look into what kind of "consciousness activity" is taking place both locally and abroad.

The colors and sizes of the dots represent spikes in the data, and how likely it is that these are not simply due to chance. For example, if app users living in San Francisco or Cairo were to collectively react to some meaningful event - in a way that impacted the RNG on their phone - this mass reaction may show up on this screen.

Note that this feature is not a formal experiment, but an interesting view into potential networked consciousness effects. Formal experiments will be carried out by our science team.

collective consciousness app 4


This is a tiny social network for sharing ideas about consciousness, physical reality, and what it all means. Connect with new people, share experiences, and follow others for updates. Millions of people are passionate about consciousness from different angles. We think this is the perfect platform to bring them all together into a useful community.

collective consciousness app 5

Lab Screen

The Consciousness Lab is a place for us to add new features to the app. These will be experimental tools and user experience add-ons, which we'll release in updates as they're developed.


The app will send you push notifications on your phone when "spikes" are detected in your local RNG data stream. Are the notifications related to your states of mind? It's up to you to draw your own conclusions!

Changing The World

If you think there may be more to reality than we've discovered, this app is a good way to accelerate new discoveries. If you're fascinated by the idea of exploring how your own mind might be deeply connected to your environment, we hope this project can let you see that for yourself. And if you're excited about the possibility of consciousness technology, tapping into the global mind, and creating a platform that could become the consciousness layer of the Internet, this is your project! You'll be involved in making something truly, truly, truly unique. This app will be free, and is slated for release in late 2014.

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