Thursday, July 17, 2014

Beauty is Much More than "Beauty"!

Beauty is Much More than Beauty!

Scene from the Ukrainian countryside

Beauty is the frequency "button" that activates and elevates the human heart to reach the doorway that opens to the reality where Infinite Love exists.  It flows from the Source of Creation.

Beauty leads the wayfarer on his journey to spiritual awakening and transformation, to expand through receiving waves of Gratitude never experienced before.  And that in turn, transports his heart, mind and soul, to the rapture of Love for the first time.  Where there is genuine Beauty, there is no hate or violence.

Bring the awareness of Beauty into your life.  Meditate on its energy!  Allow your perception of it, to expand.  It's the key to everything!

The photo, is a gorgeous scene from the Ukrainian countryside.  While I've been writing this, Ukraine, Russia and Belarus have been on my mind and in my heart.  Especially the lovely Ukrainian people who have struggled under the Soviet Union, and now on their journey toward freedom.

~Madison Reed 

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