Saturday, July 6, 2013

Saudi Anthropologist Has the Key to Building a Vibrant, Attractive Islamic Civilization for the Future

Madison Reed

by Madison Reed

Thanks to my friends at the FreeArabsChannel for introducing me to this important 2008 video interview of professor of Anthropology and Folklore, Dr. Saad A. Sowayan, wherein he describes why Muslims must start interpreting the Qur'an according to the times they're living in - not through the past - or they will eventually cease to exist as a civilization.  I challenge my Muslim friends to make this video go viral.  I hope millions kick down the useless barriers in their minds, from what we've all been taught, and listen very carefully to Dr. Sowayan's wise counsel.

Dr. Sowayan argues that secularism is very compatible with Islam, and reminds listeners that the Prophet Muhammad consulted with people about worldly matters.  He says, "In religious matters related to  divine revelation, the Prophet was the ultimate authority.  But with regard to worldly matters, He turned to the relevant experts."



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