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A future timeline for Christendom, Putin's Russia and western civilization that must be avoided

Madison Reed

"I believe Putin will try to shift the axis of Christendom's power from Rome to Moscow." ~Madison Reed

by Madison Reed
Sometime in 2011, I had a small awakening or clear vision, about a very likely future timeline for the United States where there would be a great split in our society that we have never encountered before, that would even split the central government of the United States, into two or more factions - all over religion.   Unless we reverse this trend that I see, I believe there will be a significant swath of American conservative Christians who will turn against the central government of the United States, and openly align themselves with Russia and Vladimir Putin - because they will see Russia as the only nation aligned with Christian moral principles, prepared to defend Christianity and cleanse the world - and especially the western world - of what it claims is the West's moral decadence.  If he isn't already planning this,  I believe Putin will try to shift the axis of Christendom's power from Rome to Moscow.

I have held off publishing this on the internet because it was just my belief or "feeling", although I was fairly convinced and disturbed that this was going to happen to the United States and world.  I have hoped that I was wrong.  If this were a likely future scenario, I certainly didn't want to risk giving any ideas to Vladimir Putin, to make it more likely.  I have been low key about this until now, except to friends and family members, whom I told I feared this was in the process of happening.

My belief is that Vladimir Putin wants to control Christendom, and thereby control the West.  He believes power can be shifted to Moscow.  He could see himself as a new modern-day Vladimir the Great, protected by the Archangel Michael, to save Christianity.  (Be sure to watch the video below, and click on the links and read the other information).  He may be betting on the disintegration and collapse of Vatican power, and the split in its ranks of believers; modern vs. conservatives, along with more and more turmoil caused from growing Muslim discontent in Europe.  The same can apply to his outlook for the United States.
If the current trends continue, and the loyalty and trust of Americans in our government, fueled by the widening gulf between progressives and conservatives, causes millions of western people to re-align themselves along religious lines with a foreign government and leader - causing our unity to fall like a domino - there's no need to say that the United States and Europe; in fact the entire world, will face a very grave social, political and economic upheaval, the likes of which human civilization has never faced in our recorded history.

How many of you know that Prime Minister Medvedev was baptized in the River Jordan during his trip to the Middle East in January 2011?  Or that Vladimir Putin is a devout Christian and wears his mother Maria Shelomova's cross - or that he was baptized in secret just after he was born in 1952?

Does this all sound absolutely insane to you?  Only time and the unfolding of events will reveal to what extent this is true.  I deeply hope I am wrong, or that my warning itself can reach enough people to change our timeline so that we avoid this.

The future of our species can be unspeakably glorious.  The time for breathtaking, positive change is at hand.  We need to work for the betterment of the entire human race.  We need to solve our differences through historic, open and sincere dialogue; especially to those we fear or misunderstand the most.  This includes Russia. The human species is one diverse family.  This is our strength and unity.  Preserving our species and world, so that we can discover who we are is our salvation.

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