Sunday, April 27, 2008

The Birth of "New Capitalism"

The root causes of our world's economic problems are fear and materialism.

The solution is spiritual, rather than legal or political. As we move deeper into the advancement of planetary civilization, Capitalism is likely to remain firmly seated as our engine for economic progress. But Capitalism as we know it, must change, and is changing very quickly. It is metamorphosing into a new living being connected to Spirit, or higher consciousness. We could call it the New Capitalism.

What is New Capitalism? The New Capitalism of our future will be rooted in enlightened consciousness that channels itself through the heart. It will not be like the former predatory spirit that characterizes the typical capitalism of today, inspired by greed, manipulation, promotion of the illusion of scarcity, the control of knowledge for the benefit of a few select individuals on the planet, and so on.  More to come soon.....!


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