Sunday, January 13, 2013

Revealing the supreme intelligence of the Universe - The family Phallaceae of the Fungi Kingdom

Basket fungus, I. cibarium

by Madison Reed

Conspicuous sacred geometry displayed by the "Basket" Fungus (Family: Phallaceae), native to New Zealand, reveals the Fungi Kingdom's shared connection to our supremely intelligent Universe, and our common fundamental level language encoding.

Why do you suppose this organism grows into a hollow pentagonal-hexagonal lattice sphere-shape (C-28 Fullerine shape)?
"Red Basket" fungus, Clathrus ruber

Considering that Nature itself faithfully manifests the authorship of the supreme universal intelligence, then couldn't we assume that this Basket Fungus organism is deliberately sending out some kind of message to all eyes whose creatures are genetically encoded to notice its geometric pattern, shape or color message against the background of the forest floor?

Video "Red Cage Fungus":


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