Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Guns and Gays Aren't America's Problem

 by Madison Reed

We're all human beings.  We have people we love, families, and our cultures that we naturally talk about in the workplace, because they're part of who we are.  Religion, politics and sexuality should be fine to discuss - even in the workplace.  They're also part of who we are as human beings.  None of those are the problem, similar to the way owning a gun isn't a problem.

Humans of the type who believe there's justification for hatred, violence, cruelty, discrimination, or any kind of abusive behavior against others; who talk differently, dress differently, love differently, understand God differently, are atheist, beautiful, fat, Vegan, "effeminate," Asian, poor, Russian, Pagan, Mormon, Shi'a, and on and on - those intolerant people who are offended by, want to harm, or cannot have a polite conversation with people who are different than they are, are the only problem.  And we need laws to protect society from these people.


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