Saturday, March 10, 2012

"Homosexuality vs the Law of Attraction: Thought Provoking Views on Unseen Facts of Homosexuality"

by Madison Reed

Nilesh B. Gore, who claims to be a psychological counselor specializing in human relationships, and a medical graphologist, has a deep-seated fixation about controlling homosexual thoughts worldwide - and it seems to starting within himself, although on his Facebook page he says he's married to a woman.

Using the Law of Attraction as his backdrop, in his video "Homosexuality vs the Law of Attraction: Thought Provoking Views on Unseen Facts of Homosexuality," Gore recommends that the world deal with the rampant spread of the "energy" and "thoughts" of homosexuality, pedophilia and necrophilia in the world, because he says gays are propagating and multiplying the thoughts, which are in turn spreading like wildfire all over the planet.  It's the gay thoughts, not the sexual attraction, according to Gore, that's the greatest challenge to stopping the spread of homosexuality.

"Thoughts are energies.  Our challenge is to deal with energies.  Our challenge is to deal with the thoughts.  Homos, _______ (pedophiles?) and necrophiles are not just bearing the energies; not just bearing the thoughts.  They are transmitting and multiplying the thoughts.  That is our biggest challenge."  ~Nilesh B. Gore

On Gore's Facebook page, he says of his work and education:
"Trainer, psychological counselor and Founder president of Wellness foundation - registered to govt of India. Founder of the Success and wellness institute is... affiliated to wellness foundation. I work as a motivational coach, trainer, psychological counselor and as graphotherapist for absolute wellness. My major programs are personality development & wellness, soft skills training, voice and accent training, graphology and leadership. please join my page for ultimate Motivation and improvement."

It sounds to me that Nilesh Gore could be experimenting with the lives of South Indian Marathi gays and lesbians using medical graphology and his so-called expertise in human relationships, to "help" innocent youth eliminate their thoughts of homosexuality to "cure" them of their "homo" disease and contribute to stopping the spread of it worldwide.  If so, he's doing a lot of damage.

How to contact Nilesh B. Gore:

Nilesh B. Gore
The Success and Wellness Institute
4646 - 1st Floor, Opp. Navshakti Arcade
Jamner road, Bhusawal, PIN 425201
MS, India
Tel: +(91) 9922851678



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