Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Free Belarus sending SOS to International Red Cross and Red Crescent

By Denis Baranov

Now, that we know the prisons where the arrestees were taken it is possible to request medical attention to them.

According to reports from people who managed to use their cell phones while in police custody, the conditions are inhumane. I'll save the gory details. This story by an AFP reporter is just a preview.

Many of the arrestees including the presidential candidates were badly beaten during the police action. Some have concussions and fractures. Meanwhile, it is known that only 1 person (well-known activist Krystsina Shatsikava) was taken to a hospital because she was badly beaten en route to prison. Vladimir Niekliaev and Vital Rymashevksi managed to see doctors before being detained. Conditions of the rest are not known for sure.

The problem is that Red Cross Belarus is staffed with local people who are afraid to take any action on their own. Therefore, we need to call on International Red Cross & Red Crescent to request medical missions to be sent to the 3-4 prisons.

There is no time to petition, so we are looking for direct contacts in the IRC management. 

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