Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Asking for Help Now- to Include UAFA – Green Cards for Same Sex Permanent Partners

By Melanie Nathan

The Senate is going to be taking up DREAM ACT any soon, perhaps any moment. We need to start pressuring our senators to add UAFA as a senate amendment. I’ve already called my Senators Boxer (co-sponsor) and Feinstein (who is not a co-sponsor.) Could the Uniting American Families Act – UAFA be an amendment that gets tacked on …and approved as an after thought?

WE WILL NEVER KNOW IF WE DO NOT TRY. …. the motto I live by -”you say: impossible – I say: have you tried – you say: no -I say: then not impossible!”

UAFA is a one page bill and has more support than it gets credit for. It is simple to understand. Perhaps it can be “dealed” in……..

If anyone should be pushing like crazy it is you – the LGBT person – each and everyone of you please pick up a phone today – even if it does not concern you directly. Please..

Call your Senators and ask them to include UAFA with the DREAM Act – the rescue of exiled LGBT Americans and those separated, by the fact that American gays and lesbians cannot sponsor their partners for green cards, are desperate for passage.

Abide the motto – try and then tell me it was impossible. Try in this instance is collective – it will take hundred of calls ….

Source: LezGetReal.com


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