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Mystery Deepens Around Norway Spiral Light: Pyramid UFO Over Kremlin, and Russia and China Lights

By Alfred Lambremont Webre

The scientific mystery of the ultimate source of the Dec. 9, 2009 Norway spiral light deepened with the revelation of a Dec. 9 pyramid UFO over the Kremlin in Red Square, Moscow (the same night as the Norway light) and of similar vortex lights to the Norway light over Russia and China. (See videos below).

No definitive solution has been yet offered for these phenomena, assuming they are related. Aside from the conventional explanation of Russian missile failure, the major alternative scientifically based alternative explanations offered so far include:

(1) Extraterrestrial civilizations causing both the giant UFO pyramid over the Kremlin and the failure of the Russian Bulava missile (which led to the Norway light spiral), as a context communication message to the Russian military establishment to cease its development of intercontinental missiles;

(2) HAARP, the space-based weapon of mass destruction, caused the electromagnetic plasma light effects visible over Norway on Nov. 9, on the eve of Barack Obama’s Nobel Prize speech either as a warning to Barack Obama, or as a possible Project Blue Beam mass psychological conditioner assuming Obama is an agent of a corporate new world order. The Kremlin pyramid UFO could be a Project Blue Beam artificial electromagnetic or plasma artifact under this hypothesis.

Other interpretations concluded, “that it could be a wormhole opening up, while others linked the event to the recent high-energy experiments undertaken at the Large Hadron Collider in Switzerland.”

An extraterrestrial context communication?

The video above captures a large pyramidal UFO over the Kremlin, the seat of Executive power and residence of the Russian President in Red Square, Moscow on the night of Dec. 9, 2009, the same night as the Norway vortal lights.

The context communication theory of extraterrestrial communication posits that extraterrestrial or UFO encounters can be symbolic communications from a higher intelligent civilization to a human civilization.

Jean-Charles Duboc of Exopolitics France and Dr. Michael Salla are the principal proponents of the extraterrestrial communication interpretation. Mr. Duboc writes:

“The [Nov. 9, 2009] failure of the [Russian Bulava missile] and the UFO over the Kremlin - the interpretations that I give are these:

“1 / These two demonstrations of technological power are primarily intended for military and political power in Russia.

“2 / The Sixth failure of Bulava missile, if it was caused by an extraterrestrial civilization, is a condemnation of such tests.

“3 / These two events are a destabilization of military power (failure of the missile) and political power (a UFO over the Kremlin).

“4 / These two events are also a warning if not a threat:

- A threat to the military to destroy their nuclear toys.

-A threat to the political power by making them understand that they are not immune to aggressive action, domination, right in Moscow.

“5 / These two events are also a message of change and hope - not the military leaders and political leaders, but for the people:

-Hope - Stopping a final race for weapons of mass destruction if a civilization intervenes.

-Hope to make contact with extraterrestrial civilizations and benefit from technologies to solve energy problems and climate.

“6 / A sign that the aliens have been here for millennia, like the pyramids ...

“That's where we are, and the event of aliens over the Kremlin is certainly the first in a long line [of similar events] above the capitals of the world.

“Moreover, the video of the UFO over Red Square has achieved in Russia a record viewership on Youtube because the information was repeated in the media.

“What happened recently in Russia is absolutely remarkable, and we must prepare for an acceleration of history and an increase in UFO sighting on Earth.

“We are not at the end of surprises to come...”

Jean-Charles Duboc (translated from the French)

Mr. Duboc does not provide analysis as to why the Dec. 9 Norway lights are not HAARP or a similar Project Blue Beam-connected mass conditioning phenomenon.

The China and Russia vortex lights

China vortex light phenomenon (above) starts at 37 seconds.

The China (video posted on Dec. 11, 2009, starting at 37 seconds) demonstrates a spiral vortex light, which some have interpreted as a wormhole to other dimensions.

The Russia video is a phenomenon which is remarkably similar to the Dec. 9, 2009 Norway light. One commentary on the Russian video states: “Very strange clip of beams of light seemingly coming out of nowhere in the night sky in Tomsk Russia. As the beams disappear a galaxy shaped spiral of light appears and forms from above. *Note: An alternative explanation could be that it is a 3 stage rocket launch, when the boosters disengage the next stage malfunctions and spirals out of control.”

Both the China and the Russia vortex lights appear susceptible to interpretation as either (1) failures of a missile or similar aerospace hardware; (2) extraterrestrial or interdimensionally induced phenomena or (3) HAARP or other electromagnetically induced plasma light phenomena.

Two researchers, David Wilcock and Richard Hoagland have independently posited that HAARP, a space-based weapon of mass destruction one of whose antenna fields is close to the site of the Norwegian spiral light. According to one of the researchers, David Wilcock, one of his confidential sources stated the Norway spiral light was part of Project Blue Beam. Mr. Wilcock's interview appears on the Project Camelot Radio show with Kerry Cassidy.

Mr. Wilcock’s discussion of the plasma effects of the 18-layered energy field surrounding the Norway light seem to be persuasive that HAARP may indeed be the source of those, as well as the China and Russia lights. If some case were to be made that the Dec. 9 Kremlin UFO were a human artificial Blue Beam construct as well, Project Blue beam would be the common denominator behind all of these events.

One of the alleged purposes of Project Blue Beam is the use of advanced electromagnetic imaging such as that produced by HAARP and exhibited in the Norway spiral light as a psychological mass conditioning device in aid of the implementation of a global corporate new world order.

How to evaluate interpretations of these impactful phenomena

The Dec. 9 Norway lights and Kremlin pyramid UFO had world-wide media impact.

Evaluating whether the Dec. 9 Norway light, Kremlin pyramid UFO, and Russia and China vortex lights are either an (1) extraterrestrially-induced phenomenon or (2) Project Blue Beam mass psychological warfare operations is a matter of scientific and pattern discernment.

Thus far, the proponents of the extraterrestrial interpretation have not fully provided analysis as to why the Norway, Russia and China lights, and Kremlin UFO are not Project Blue Beam, and the proponents that HAARP is the cause have similarly not authoritatively dismissed the extraterrestrial interpretation of the lights and Kremlin UFO.

Either way, the outcome may be positive. If these Norway, Russia and China lights and Kremlin UFO phenomena are HAARP and Project Blue Beam-related, then this mass deception, in which the persona of Barack Obama is coordinated with Kremlin power in a corporate new world order, is being unmasked.

On the other had, if the phenomena are extraterrestrially related, the outcome is equally positive, as it implies an extraordinary degree of extraterrestrial intervention to avoid nuclear war.

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