Saturday, December 26, 2009

A Gay Man's Christmas Gift from Jesus

*Note: My partner and I are still together as of this day of February 25, 2011. When I posted the entry below to my blog, I thought for sure that everything was finished for us, due to a storm of difficulties intervening between us, caused by Belarus's isolation. I had not had any contact whatsoever from him for about 6 weeks at the time. There were other frightening things happening to us as well, that I cannot state publicly. I thank God and the Archangel Michael, that we have had the strength to keep our faith in each other and pull through all of the hell that years of physical separation causes.

Yesterday I heard the wonderful news from the U.S. Attorney General, that the Obama administration will no longer defend the repugnant Defense of Marriage Act in court proceedings. This gives me hope that eventually same-gender bi-national couples like us will be able to finally enjoy life together. ~Madison Reed

By Madison Reed

Relentless and unabated denial of my human rights by the United States government, inspired by the followers of Jesus Christ because I am a homosexual man - not even a Christian (I am Baha'i) - has destroyed my relationship with my partner in Eastern Europe. It's been two years on Christmas day since I've been able to be with him in Kiev. Christians need to embrace the fact that their religion has delivered more hatred and harm to billions of human beings than any religion in 12,000 years of human civilization.

I implore everyone to learn about what religious bigotry directed against gays and lesbians does to other Americans. It's too late for me and my partner, but please know that there are 40,000 to 100,000 gay or lesbian American citizens (bi-nationals with same-sex foreign partners) living lives with less respect than people give to farm animals, solely because of the satanic power directed against us by Christians in the United States, who want us to live in celibacy because they call our love an abomination to God.

It's salt vigorously rubbed into our wounds when we see our President smiling and talking about the joys of being with his family, while having such a joyous time in Hawaii, while he knows about the bi-nationals like me whose lives are being destroyed, the thousands of American soldiers like Lt. Daniel Choi who have been fired from their careers, and families and marriages ripped apart by zealous hate-filled Christian voters in the United States funded and driven by the Holy See (World Ecclesiastical Center for Roman Catholicism), The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (the Mormons) based in Salt Lake City, Utah, and other right-wing evangelical Christian cults, all because we are God's homosexual, bisexual and transgender children. All people however, should be aware that a handful of Christian religious leaders such as Russian Orthodox Patriarch Kirill I, Episcopal Bishop Gene Robinson, Anglican Bishop Desmond Tutu, founder of, Rev. Dr. Mel White, and Poland's Pastor Szymon Niemiec, has been instrumental from a lesser to a greater degree, in reducing hatred against gays, lesbians and transgenders worldwide by global Christendom.

Please learn about just a few - a small fraction - of your fellow citizens who are living in torment separated from their loved ones, being forced into exile, loosing their careers and having their finances drained, because the United States, blackmailed or pimped by Church leaders, will not extend to gay, lesbian and transgender Americans, the same fundamental human rights as it guarantees to all other Americans!

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