Friday, September 11, 2009

Physically Challenged Woman Searching for Stolen Best Friend

By Tony Rutherford Reporter

Huntington, WV (HNN) – You know that a dog is known as a man or woman’s best friend. But, in the case of one physically impaired woman living near Ninth Avenue, Scooby may be one of the woman’s only friends. That is, until someone stole the leash out of her hand across from the YMCA.

Madison Reed, owner of New Earth Resource Company, 826 10th Street, told HNN that his friend, Trisha Thompson always comes into his shop with her part Chihuahua and part Jack Russell terrier. However, Wednesday morning, September 9, she came alone into the shop crying. Ms. Thompson told Reed that while walking Scooby on a leash someone grabbed the leash from her hand and took the dog.

A police report has been made of the incident. Ms. Thompson, whose right leg is shorter than the left and wears a thick soled shoe, has called the animal control center.

According to Reed this is not the first time she nearly lost Scooby. Several months ago while walking on Ninth Avenue a man turned a pit bull loose on her and her dog. She fell to the ground, but the man pulled the pit bull off of her and Scooby. The two did not require medical treatment.

“This is why West Virginia needs [an enforced] hate crime law,” Reed said. “She’s handicapped and some people get a thrill out of harming people who are different.”

Reed’s particularly hopeful that someone will find --- or bring back with no questions asked --- the little dog. Due to her impairment, Reed said the dog is likely not only the traditional best friend, but her only true friend.

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