Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Our Amazing Global Economy Can Make You Wealthy and Happy!

 by Madison Reed

Did you know that today more millionaires are being created now than at any time in human history - and that most of them are from internet-related businesses?

I've worked in the integrative health field for more than 20 years.  When I started on my work helping to bring healing to other people, the declaration 'Spirit, Mind & Body Wellness' surfaced to my mind.  "Spirit, Mind & Body Wellness" means, that to attain a state of health and satisfaction, we must allow healing to flow into all aspects of our lives.

Healing is about more than giving the right kind of nutrients to our physical bodies.  Just as we are also emotional and spiritual beings, due to our physical make up, we are grounded and connected to Mother Earth, to billions of other human beings, and to our world economy.  Everything is creation is interconnected.  We are interdependent with everything, and the national and world economic systems exert a profound influence on us.  If we succeed with our jobs, we usually have more money.  And that gives us more options to do what we want to do, and greater satisfaction with life and happiness, which lowers our stress levels.  But most people are not that fortunate.  Having a good job or even having a job, isn't easy to do.  Succeeding is getting more difficult even though all the world's resources are still here, and potential opportunities have never been greater.  The rules are shifting beneath our feet, creating unemployment, more stress and more illness.  So if the mother ship hasn't lifted all the gold, money, resources off the planet, and the homes and businesses are still here, why are so many people slipping, struggling and loosing control?  The answer in short is, the rules have changed.  Now  we have to do things differently.

The trend now among sharp, modern people is to become self-employed.  In the future, people living in Beijing and Minsk; in Atlanta and Panama City, and Riyadh and Moscow, Kampala and Prague, will be happy self-employed people enjoying the best life on our gorgeous Earth has to offer.  They will have freedom like never before in the history of the human race - captains of their own yachts, steering them over the deep tranquil seas of gratitude for being alive.

With the linking of worldwide communication and commerce through the internet, and a little bit of enjoyable learning and effort, it is now quite easy for everyone to create sources of income that will bring independence, mobility and flexibility into your lives with new types of work that we enjoy,  that we can take with us anywhere in the world.  Confined office desks are replaced by smartphone and laptop computers.  We can work at the beach, or at the top of a mountain in a cloud forest.  Or maybe you've been thinking about moving to another country, and you need an income that isn't dependent upon where you live?  Well, it's here.  We are living in an age of miracles, and miracles happen when we align with gratitude, and move out of old patterns into new and refreshing activities!

My guess is that you've been feeling like making a change for a long time.  Right?  So go ahead.  Now is the time to make that deliberate change.  Learn a new fun skill by becoming a successful global internet entrepreneur, right from your home.

That you're still reading this is not a coincidence!  You found my article, because universal synchronicity is at work.  There are no coincidences in life.  You are attracting the change that you need to go to the next level.  EVERYTHING is connected, and as we change, the universe responds by sending us what we have been attracting.  This process is called the Law of Attraction.

 "Within the seed of your desire is everything necessary for it to blossom to fulfillment."  ~Abraham Hicks
I would like to introduce you to the Pure Leverage global community of entrepreneurs.  As a member of our community you will have a team of successful entrepreneurs to help you learn what you need to build a successful internet business in a short time.  You'll also have a suite of tools that are worth a small fortune.  Whether your new direction is toward the independence that only an internet business can bring to you, or you want the tools to rocket your brick and mortar business to new levels of success, I promise you that Pure Leverage is the answer to your prayer.  Check it out and join my team.  We're called "Team Synchronicity."

Pure Leverage is one of the most ingenious systems ever created.  It empowers the poor or the rich.  It's global, and here for all men and woman who wish to tap into the vast wealth of our amazing world economy.



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