Saturday, May 25, 2013

Moscow's Gay Pride Rally Interrupted by Arrests and Assaults of Activists

Nikolai Alekseev being taken away by police.

by Madison Reed

Nikolai's at it again.  Moscow's LGBT community again defies Russian law.  A bill approved by Russia's Duma in January, is awaiting final approval to become the law of the land - to prohibit the dissemination of  "gay propaganda" to minors, with stiff financial penalties and possible jail time.

Moscow's LGBT community was again, recently denied a permit to hold a Gay Pride rally to coincide with International Day Against Homphobia, Biphobia and Transphobia.  Thirty of community were arrested, and two LGBT activists were assaulted by a conservative protester, according to RIA Novosti.  Neighboring Kyiv's LGBT community also held a Gay Pride rally today.


 "Homosexuality is a sin before God."  ~Russian Orthodox Church Patriarch Kirill

Of course all of this must be a ray of hope and great pride and joy for conservative American Christians, who see Russia as a possible door of hope for the promotion of the gay-hating conservative Christian values gospel rooted in the Bible's Old Testament.  They had their hand in helping resuscitate Russia's buried homophobic attitudes after its emergence from decades of Soviet Communism.  It's still too early to predict whether Russia will desert them.

Nikolai Alekseev signals victory as he sits with other members of Moscow's LGBT Community being driven away in the police van.

Photos: Shared by Nikolai Alekseev

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