Saturday, February 16, 2013

Marriage Equality is Damaging E-Harmony Says Company's Founder

Good news.  Could it be that we are now seeing the visitation of divine judgement moving against mean-spirited, misguided people of religion everywhere - especially against the clerics - from Cleveland, Tennessee to Virginia Beach, VA, and from Tehran, Iran to Mecca, Saudi Arabia, and from Minsk, Belarus to Moscow, Russia?

Finally, their perversion of the essential LOVE message taught by all of humanity's spiritual teachers, exposed to the world through their woman-hating and gay-hating; their obscene selfishness and hypocrisy, and their morbid sexual repression and obsession to sex, has awakened people all over the world, and we're realizing that WE are "Gods Hands"!  We  are rising out of the earth and becoming the change that we want to see in the world (Gandhi), bringing the shift that has been stirring within the depths of our hearts - that we have known to be humanity's beautiful, happy future.  ~Madison Reed

Neil Clark Warren

 by John M. Becker

"If you’re a straight ally of the LGBT community and you have an eHarmony account, I hope you’ll strongly consider withdrawing your financial support from this anti-gay company."  ~John Becker

Neil Clark Warren, the 78-year-old evangelical Christian CEO and founder of the online dating website, gave a doozy of an interview last week. In his remarks, which were posted February 6, he told CNBC and Yahoo Finance that he’s “tired” of the debate over marriage equality. Not because he views marriage discrimination as an injustice or anything, no, but because he says the debate is harming his company.

“I think this issue of same-sex marriage within the next five to 15 years will be no issue anymore,” he said. ”We’ve made too much of it. I’m tired of it. It has really damaged our company.”

Warren is referring to an agreement the company made with the state of New Jersey in 2009 to settle an anti-discrimination lawsuit. eHarmony reluctantly agreed to put up a separate matchmaking service for gay and lesbian singles called Compatible Partners after the New Jersey Attorney General told them that refusing to serve gays and lesbians would disqualify them from being able to do business in that state.

However, eHarmony’s conservative Christian core clientele — much of the site’s early growth is attributed to promotion by anti-gay evangelical pastors — did not like that at all. In fact, they were so angry about eHarmony launching even a separate site for gays and lesbians that some made violent threats. Warren said,.....Article continues here.


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