Monday, August 6, 2012

President Obama: Stop the Deportations and Issue an Executive Order for Same-Sex Bi-National Couples!

Madison Reed (L) and partner Dzmitry (R)

Dear President Obama,

We need you to stop the deportations of our partners and spouses and issue an executive order to bring immediate needed relief to suffering bi-national couples!

Take a look below at the irreversible damage that the Defense of Marriage Act is doing to destroy same-gender American families, denying same-sex bi-national couples years of time together by forcing us to live separately in different countries; as exiles, and by terrorizing us with fear that our foreign spouses or unmarried partners are going to be arrested and deported from the United States.  We simply can't wait for the normal process for DOMA to be repealed by a Congress paralyzed by politics and religious ideology.  The lives of thousands of LGBT families are hanging by a thread.  We need you to issue an executive order to give us relief.  You and other presidents have done this before for non-Americans under extraordinary stress from persecution, war and natural disasters.  And fortunate wealthy people have always been able to buy their legal residency and citizenship.  So how about helping us?

We need a temporary stop-gap solution for all stranded, severely suffering bi-national couples,  such as a moratorium on all deportations of our married or unmarried partners and the issuance of a convertible 10-year bi-national partner/spouse multiple-entry visa that will take into account that we've been under severe stress (persecuted by DOMA's effects) for years; that most of us have no way to obtain legal marriage; that many of our partners are dependent upon us and cannot overcome the presumption that they have an intent to immigrate, and that they do not have strong ties to their countries.  We need some time to be together in peace.

Mr. President, if you would take action on my idea soon; regardless of the negative backlash from the same tired voices of intolerance, the majority of Americans and people all over the world will support you because I'm convinced that all people are fundamentally good-hearted and are on the side of Love.  America and the world need good news.  We need to focus on building more happiness and move away from hatred and war.

Thank you,

Madison Reed


StoptheDeportations: The DOMA Project


We are actively looking for binational couples to join our campaign. Your testimonials, videos, photographs will help us put discrimination into terms that everyone can understand: its cruel impact on individual couples and families. Anyone interested in getting involved to help raise awareness of the impact of DOMA on binational couples should contact us. All information received will be confidential. Couples who want to participate without revealing their full names or other identifying information are welcome. Binational couples who are currently in separate countries and binational couples living abroad are also welcome.

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