Saturday, July 23, 2011

The World's Last Uncontacted Tribe and The New Human Tribe

By Madison Reed 

There's something about such news about one of the world's last uncontacted tribes - about the idea of being untouched and free from modern civilization's burdensome and sometimes cruel overlay - where we could be refreshed by the beauty of innocence, purity of heart and a direct link of Man to Gaia - that causes me my own feelings of longing for such things, to surface, and a sadness that we have drifted so far away from Man's true beautiful reality.

Why can't we build a global civilization where prosperous and happy families in villages and cities across the world raise children with uncontaminated minds, who grow up to be enlightened beings who manifest the fruits of Love, and who know no hatred; who become explorers of everything there could possibly be to know about Creation, and our limitless human potential?

-Like a peaceful, modern and technologically advanced human civilization, plugged-in to higher spiritual intelligence, and completely free from religious superstition, myth and dogma, FOREVER - unbarred and permanently linked into our relationship with the living Earth and all the wonderful creatures that populate the Universe - with villages; cities and governments; economies and modes of transportation and manufacture, that cause no harm to the health, progress and beauty of our living world?

In reflection about the recent grim news about the right-wing Christian fundamentalist, Anders Behring Breivik, who attacked and killed so many people in Norway yesterday, I'd like to ask everyone if they believe our minds and hearts have become so jaded and polluted that such a vision as I've mentioned is too much of a challenge for us? Or are we so lost spiritually, and disconnected from the Creator, that we choose hatred over love, and imagine evil to be good?  My answer is, "No" to my last questions, and "YES, we can build the world that many of us long to see."  I believe the new human tribe that will help us manifest these realities, is already here, born and growing up, to become our future teachers.

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