Saturday, June 4, 2011

Naples Florida couple forecloses on Bank of America (Video)

by Madison Reed

In an appropriate reversal of typical bank bullying that Americans are used to seeing, a Florida couple, Warren and Maureen Nyerges, put through pure hell by an arrogant Naples, Florida Bank of America branch located on Davis Boulevard, that carelessly tried to foreclose upon their Golden Gate Estates home after they had purchased their home in cash from the bank - paid in full - hired their home association's attorney Todd Allen, who is a foreclosure defense attorney.  With Todd's help, the couple eventually got the foreclosure dismissed and then won a judgment against Bank of America, and proceeded to foreclose on the bank.  The bank didn't know what to think when the deputies, an attorney, and a U-Haul arrived at the bank to seize their cash, furniture and other assets, in the same way that banksters do to us.  Of course, under pressure that they're not accustomed to experiencing as banksters, faced with the embarrassment of having their assets cleared out, the bank ended up cutting a check to the Nyergeses to pay the couple for their attorney's fees and other expenses.

People like the Nyergeses, and attorneys like Todd Allen, are fine examples of what being American means to me.  The "Don't Tread on Me" spirit.  And I thank them for what they've done!  From what I understand, Todd may not be finished with Bank of America.  We'll see what happens. 

For more information about the Nyergeses story: Tables Turned: Bank pays up in mistaken foreclosure case


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